Ten Things To Expect From A Psychic Reading



Many people today are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives. Their search for answers, may cause them to seek out a psychic intuitive or spiritual counselor. If you are curious, here are ten things that you can expect when you make an appointment for a spiritual counseling session.  (Please note that psychic intuitive, spiritual counselor, and psychic are all used interchangeably in this blog post).

1. Expect you will need an open mind. The surest way to sabotage your session is to insist that you will only believe the psychic if they say specific things.  Expect to let go and let the reading be what it’s going to be. You should walk away feeling good about your session. Sometimes, you may not like what you hear.. Come prepared to think outside the box.

2. Expect that if your friend had a great reading with a spiritual counselor, it’s very likely your session will also go great. However, there is no guarantee that your session will go as well. You and your friend are different people with different styles.. When a reading goes well sometimes, it’s because the readee is more relaxed and open because he or she relates to the reader’s style. Psychic counselors don’t connect with every person who walks in the door. Speak up if you don’t think they’re connecting with you.

3. Expect to tell the reader very little until it’s time to ask questions. You want the intuitive to give you unbiased insights. The more you tell the counselor about yourself and your situation, the less they can tell you. You don’t want to walk away from your reading thinking they were just repeating what you told them. Some people are naturally chatty and want to volunteer information because they think it’s helpful for the reader to have more background information. In fact, you need to be listening more than talking. Be open to what you’re hearing without saying, “NO” too quickly. You could be hearing another perspective.

4. Expect that you won’t be able to control the content of the session. There is a reason why you came in for spiritual counseling. Why you came and the questions you have should be addressed at some point in the reading. However, the initial focus needs to be based on your reader’s intuitions and spiritual guides. Afterall, you made your appointment because you wanted guidance that came from outside your own thoughts.  When you’re listening to a reading, you should be hearing only what that psychic is receiving. You shouldn’t be hearing their personal opinions or any embellishing information.

5. Expect to cover a range of conscious and unconscious issues. The focus of the session is to zero in on the mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and physical life challenges you’re facing today. Expect that the spiritual guidance you receive will be down to earth and practical – not woo-woo. You’ll be hearing plenty of information that hits home with you. You may hear a different viewpoint that allows you to see situtations in a whole new light.

6. Expect that if you took the time to find a well respected psychic, your psychic has integrity in their readings.  When they reading for you, they’re not fishing and waiting for you to bite. They’re using their intuitive and spiritual gifts, honed through meditation, prayer and healing work, to give you spiritual guidance. The information you receive isn’t coming from the psychic; it’s coming through them. Having said that, know that your reader is human and may misinterpret an image he or she sees, or words they hear. 

7. Expect to feel clearer as the session goes on. Worries, fears, and anxiety, may be distorting your perceptions. You may also be projecting your “stuff” onto others and vice versa. Your psychic should be able to give you insights that help to calm your mind and quiet your fears. You should feel more resolved and at peace at the end of your reading.

8. Expect to have emotional issues such as numbing your feelings come up in your reading. If you’re afraid to confront something or someone in your life, you may have shut down emotionally and left things unresolved. According to a core belief in alternative medicine, unresolved negative emotions may cause illness. Expect unresolved issues to come up in the session. Let your reader know if there are areas that you’d prefer not to get into. Do know that intuitively or through guides it may be that they are given information that is exactly what they have to talk about with you.

9. Expect to walk out of the session feeling saner than you did when you walked in. You’ll also find as you work with the psychic, if the intuitive information resonates with you, and your intuition hasn’t been reliable lately, a good intuitive session gives your intuition a boost so it feels like you can trust it again.

10. Expect that no matter what you hear in an intuitive or spiritual counseling session, YOU will have to take responsibility for your choices and decisions. You may reorder your priorities as a result of what you heard. You are free to implement all, some, or none of what you heard in your reading.


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    A friend of mine has been suggesting that I visit a psychic with her next week. I’d like to go just to see how the process works and see what types of things the psychic will be able to tell me. Thanks so much for describing the process to me so that I have some knowledge of what will happen ahead of time.

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    I know a couple of psychics and you wouldn’t even be able to know that they were unless they told you. I have a friend that is really good at being a psychic. I thought all of that stuff was fake, but they have a lot of truth behind what they say. I wonder how they do it.

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      Zach – you know that everyone is psychic. You’re probably more psychic than most since you took the time to read this post. Because we have TV and the Internet we know a lot more and some of the old psychic stereotypes are falling by the wayside. Most of the psychics I know don’t stand out at all and like you said, you couldn’t tell they were a psychic. Very few wear turbans unless their performing. Thanks for your comments! MaryLee

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    These are all great suggestions to get the most out of your psychic reading. I think it’s important that you be open to what is being said, as well as the method of the reading. Some psychics will use ordinary things, like scrabble tiles, to get started on your reading.

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      Hi Jack, thanks for you comments. You are right about psychics using ordinary things to get started. I like that idea of Scrabble Tiles. That’s a very interesting way to enter into the reading. Warmly, MaryLee

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    I’ve always been interested in intuitive counseling because it seems like the psychic is invested more in the individual. I like how you point out that you should have an open mind so that you don’t sabotage your session. Going to intuitive counseling is probably different than any other type of counseling you’ve done before, so having an open mind would be hard, but worth it.

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      Thanks for you response Kate. Intuitive counseling is different from other kinds of counseling because it’s not coming from the logical mind of the intuitive. It’s usually a combination of ways that intuitive gets information, but it’s usually the intuitive relays information that’s helpful guidance but it doesn’t come out of a background in psychology. Keeping an open mind is essential. Thanks again for your response and for reading my blog! Warmly, MaryLee

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    I appreciate your first tip to let go of any specific needs and answers you are looking for to get the most out of your time with a spiritual counselor. Personally, I think it’s wise to be open and receptive to whatever counsel is given so that you give the proper time to pondering and thinking on it. As you think on this spiritual counsel over time, you may end up learning some helpful things that are pertinent and useful in your current situation.

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    It’s good to know that a spiritual reading can give your intuition a boost if it hasn’t been reliable lately. I took a new job three months ago on a gut instinct, and I’m finding that it isn’t a good fit for me, and now I’m dissatisfied with my life. Maybe if I see a psychic, they can help me trust my intuition again so I can know what choices to make in the future.

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      Hannah – Intuitive counselors provide guidance that help you to manage your intuition so that it’s reliable. When we’re emotionally invested in a certain outcome the information we receive is less reliable. I highly recommend working with an intuitive so that you can obtain clarity about your choices going forward. Best wishes! MaryLee

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