8 Reasons Why Psychics Are Sometimes Inaccurate


8 Reasons Why Psychics Are Sometimes Inaccurate

As I read through what I’ve written, I hope it doesn’t discourage you from getting a reading. A psychic reading can be life changing when it goes well. Most people don’t realize how hard a seer has to work to overcome obstacles to their accuracy. Here are eight reasons why a psychic’s accuracy may be off.

1) The psychic may misinterpret information they receive. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that psychics are fallible. An image they see could have 100 different meanings. A psychic needs to give you what they get. If a psychic sees a blue car in your cards, they should say, “I see a blue car.” The psychic might say ” I see you are going to buy a blue car.” If that blue car represents the car you’re driving now, the psychic would be wrong. They interpreted information instead of describing it.

2) The psychic isn’t grounded that day. Like everybody else, psychics have bad days. When a psychic has an off day, it’s usually because of their ultra sensitivity. It might be they’ve done too many readings that day or have been working in an altered state for too long without a break. Maybe they’re empathic and are still carrying a past client’s “emotional stuff.” It could be as easy for them to ground as going outside for some fresh air or eating a meal. If a psychic feels too scattered that day, they should call you to reschedule your reading.

3) The psychic is too close to whom they’re reading. When a psychic reads for someone they have to be neutral and detached. When they like you or love you, they want for you what you want for yourself. It’s doubly hard to tell you if they sense things aren’t going to work out as you hoped. Sometimes, familiarity with the readee is a factor and sometimes it’s not. Psychics have regular clients too where it doesn’t seem to be a factor.

4) The psychic s picking up sentiment. Psychics can get it wrong if they’re picking up on the emotions connected to an event, instead of the event. A psychic must always remain neutral and detached. Predicting the outcome of an election is tricky because a pyschic might be sensing the collective sentiment about that candidate, not the actual outcome. When a psychic reads on the stock market the same dynamic applies. They may be detecting the sentiment of the market analysts, not on how a stock will perform.

5) The psychic got the outcome right, but the issue hasn’t played out yet. You might be only 2/3rds of the way through a particular situation. Psychics skip over the consecutive steps and go right to the conclusion. They may not have picked up on a significant event that happens in the middle before the conclusion. It may seem as if everything turned out other than predicted but you haven’t reached the outcome yet.


6) A psychic’s bias. All psychics are humans with opinions and beliefs. Sometimes, a psychic has an unconcious prejudice. Common biases are religious, political and/or cultural. A psychic who is a former Catholic might have a bias about marriage or abortion. If the seer leans towards socialism, they might have a bias against a client who believes in capitalism. If you’re American, you might have a cultural bias about someone from another country. A psychic can get it wrong if they’re unaware they’re reading through the filter of personal bias. A psychic needs to read to the best of their ability without bias or recuse themselves from reading.

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7) The future changes. It’s hard for a psychic to be accurate about the future when everyone has free will. Free will means you are free to change your mind at any time which thus changes your future. When other people make different decisions, it can change their future and your future. The future is not set in stone- it’s dynamic. It’s not easy to predict. The reason people seek out psychics about their probable future is so that, if it’s necessary, they can make alternate decisions to change their outcomes.

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8) You don’t want the psychic’s information to be right. One time I had a party of giggly women come to my house for readings. The first woman, who had organized the party, went first. Her husband had a successful startup, and  he was in the process of opening up another business. I kept sensing that his first business was going to go under and he should stay focused on only that for the next five years. She was so angry and upset with my reading that she cancelled all the other women’s readings on the spot. Six months later the housing and stock markets crashed. Natural disasters and major economic events are big game changers.

I hope this is helpful in understanding why sometimes a psychic’s information isn’t accurate.Your psychic should be at least 70% accurate, or you need a new seer. Ask a trustworthy friend if they know of a good psychic if you’re looking for one. If you have any questions or comments – please go to the top of the blog and click on Leave a Comment.     

Have a great week! MaryLee

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  1. Trish says

    Please forgive me if I come across as argumentative but I feel that the reasons you give, give the psychics a get out of jail free card. Its almost as if to say that they can predict anything from the possible to the impossible and if works out, they can take credit and say “yes i predicted that” and if it doesn’t work out, they can turn around and use one of the many excuses you’ve used above. How can we expect people to take this profession seriously if we bat away and make excuses for our misses and only take credit our hits? There are so many examples online of psychics getting things VERY wrong…consistently, and when they are challenged on this they make a feeble excuse. This does not look good for our profession. Especially when we know that not all psychics have the same abilities. Some are bad, some good. The excuses above assumes that they are all good and they only get things wrong because of extenuating circumstances. Even the medical profession which is scientifically regulated has ways of objectively assessing performance and has insight into the fact that doctors get stuff wrong and they should be held accountable for these errors. I feel we need to hold ourselves to a similar standard if we are to gain any credibility.

    • says

      Trish – I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you. Respectfully, psychics aren’t magical creatures with infinite wisdom. I love my work and this profession. I know a lot of excellent readers who sometimes get it wrong. I’ve also met a lot of psychics who overestimated their abilities. Realistically, even the best psychics are inaccurate sometimes. In fact, at the IRVA conference, which is where some of the best academic and scientific psychics meet annually, they openly state that the average accuracy percentage for a psychic is 65% – 70%. With purpose of my blog, is to educate the general public about why a psychic might get it wrong. At the same time, I feel psychics provide a valuable service and every psychic should work hard to be as accurate as they can be. But -at the end of the day -psychics are fallible. I’m not making excuses. I want people to understand if they walk away from a psychic and the psychic got it wrong – here are some possibilities why rather than write off the profession. I’m trying to ensure that people are grounded about our profession. Especially, the vunerable who get taking advantage of by psychics. As you can see… I have very strong feelings about this subject.

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