Is There Anything You Should Do After You Get A Psychic Reading?

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Is There Anything You Should Do After You Get A Psychic Reading?

I chose this topic because what you do with the information after your session is the real reason why you get a psychic reading in the first place. You may see a psychic for fun or because you need to come to terms with a particular issue.  The truth is that what happens within you after your reading is often more important than what goes on in the reading itself.

 Here are a few suggestions about what to do with the information you received in your reading after you finish your session.

 1) If the reading had some serious elements, find a quiet place to collect your thoughts and jot down the significant points. If your reading was emotional, or you feel spacey, wait before you drive. Eat something so that you feel more grounded. A reading can really capture your attention. You may feel preoccupied as you mull the information over.

2) A good reading can stir you up. Maybe the psychic touched upon a very sensitive issue that you didn’t want to go into. Sit with the information from the reading for a while and let it sink in. Allow yourself to be okay if you’re uncertain what to do with the information. Maybe the psychic was right or maybe the psychic was wrong. 

3) I got this suggestions from my friend Cookie. Read through your notes or listen to the recording of your reading again. When you revisit the information you may find something you missed the first time around. You may even see that in the overall the reading is different than how you took it in the first time.

4) A good reading provides insights into your life and what’s working and what’s not working. As a result, it may change your priorities. By having a different perspective, you may feel like you’ve been released from a prison. It can feel freeing and have a ripple effect on other decisions you make.

 5) Understand how much power fear has over you. It can distort your perception of reality. (I find this is one of the biggest reasons people are uncomfortable with the information from their reading) When you’re overwhelmed, or people try to influence or intimidate you, the information you get in your reading may urge you to speak up and take actions confronting your fears.

6) Know that psychics are not 100% accurate. They may have misinterpreted information or the images they received. Psychics are human not omnipotent. If you took the time to choose a reputable psychic or go to a psychic who was referred by a friend, it’s more likely you’ll get trustworthy psychic information.

 Whether you accept or reject the information you received, you must take full responsibility for any subsequent actions you take. Psychic sessions can be immensely helpful guiding you away from certain decisions and towards other decisions. The action you take is not for your psychic to decide for you.

 Finally, when you’re reflecting on your psychic reading, it should generate a sense of peace within. Often when you get an intuition it can seem like common sense. Just remember that you’re the decider. It is up to you what you do with the information you get in a reading.


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    I really like your advice to go through your notes and ponder the readings. I don’t think that a lot of people understand the difference it makes to understand what certain things are trying to be told to you. Do you have any other tips about going to see a psychic? I’m thinking about checking one out soon, but I don’t know how to tell the difference between the good and the bad ones.

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      HI Johnny, The best way to find a reputable psychic is to either get a referral from a trusted friend, call a local metaphysical bookstore, or do a Google search for a local psychic and then read through their testimonials. Also, Google reviews are a great source too. I’m not that fond of YELP reviews but those are good too. The reason I mention this route is that your chances of finding someone good is better this way. The charlatans will ask you for more money or say that you have to keep coming back. Anyone like that stay away from. Good luck with your search! If you don’t find someone local – consider doing a SKYPE reading. They work just as well! Warmly, MaryLee I wrote a blog post on, “Are You The Victim of a Psychic Scam?” Check that out too.

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