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Self-Help Guide to Needless Acupuncture: The Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique helps people suffering from mental, emotional and physical distress. Respected medical journals and scientific case studies document the effectiveness of EFT. This simple two minute technique works miracles for those suffering from PTSD and other emotional troubles.



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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is an alternative therapy that helps manage anxiety and a wide variety of other physical and emotional issues. EFT, or “tapping” refers to using your fingertip to “tap” on nine specific acupuncture points in a certain sequence. It works like acupuncture, only without needles, to provide relief from the everyday stressors that can clog our energy field with toxic energy.

As a Boston Pyschic, I’ve volunteered with The There And Back Again Foundation conducting one-on-one sessions and training groups for women veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq on how to manage their anxiety and stress using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

At Boston Intuitive, I conduct EFT sessions for both individuals and groups. After one session, people report feeling calmer, clearer and more energized. One you’ve had a session, not only will you receive instant relief, you’ll now be able to start tapping on your own, providing yourself another coping strategy for stress, anxiety and other ailments for a lifetime. One of the greatest benefits of EFT is that once you learn the technique, it is free to use forever. 

Check out for over 5000 articles and peer-reviewed case studies on the effectiveness of using Emotional Freedom Technique in a wide variety of mental, emotional and physical settings.

EFT Workshops:

Using EFT to Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Using EFT to Manage Your Emotional Eating, Using EFT to Unblock Your Intuition & Creativity

Cost: $175 for 45 min session *Includes information handout on EFT for your session 

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Healing Yourself with EFT


Most people are in disbelief that negative emotions can have a direct impact on their health and wellness. There have been many studies performed in this area that prove otherwise. These studies have shown that the Emotional Freedom Technique can alleviate pain, help people overcome addictions, asthma and a wide variety of other medical and emotional problems. EFT is an alternative method of healing which was introduced during the 1960’s. Quite a few people are turning their backs on traditional medical treatments due to their invasive nature and the need for potentially harmful drugs. Emotional Freedom Technique can provide you with positive results, without the harmful side effects or expense.

Balancing the Body

In order to maintain good general health and a positive state of mind, the human body must be balanced. Emotional Freedom Technique helps people achieve that balance and get the body’s healing abilities kicked up to a higher level. This can cause the person to become free from pain and assist in overcoming other obstacles in their lives.

The Emotional Freedom Technique Process

The Emotional Freedom Technique process is really quite simple. It’s rather similar to the acupuncture procedure however, there are no needles involved in EFT. The human body has certain meridian points for establishing energy and stimulating the body’s ability to heal. You’ll need to tap on the meridian point as if you were tapping your finger on a table. By doing so, you will begin to feel less stress and activate your body’s ability to heal itself. In order for EFT to be most effective, it should be used consistently, as part of your daily routine. Although it takes practice and patience, you will then hold the key to a healthier, happier you.

Space Clearing And EFT!

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule *all appointments must be paid for at time of booking, unless you are coming in person to your session.

Psychic Intuitive Personal Counseling: $215/hr $130/30min *includes an mp3 recording of your session.*online booking available

Psychic Intuitive Business Consulting: $215/hr $130/30min *includes an mp3 recording of your session. *online booking available

Psychic Intuitive Coaching  (Please call to book these appointments)

  • Three 45 minute sessions- $585
  • Five 45 minute sessions – $975
  • Eight 45 minute sessions – $1560

Psychic Mediumship Sessions: $215/hr $130/30min *includes an mp3 recording of your session. *online booking available

Psychic Mediumship Group Readings, Corporate Parties and Trade Shows.  For home or business private parties, or large corporate events or trade shows, please call for rates and travel fees. Rates based on the guaranteed number of readings, the size of the event and the distance from Boston. *please call to book an appointment

Spirit Message Circles: $35 per person for 90 min, groups must be 3-6 people. No refunds available. *please call to book an appointment

Space Clearing: Rates vary depending on size of space. A simple clearing for up to 800 square feet is $400. For larger homes, schools or businesses, please call for rates or to book an appointment.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Workshops: Using EFT to Reduce Stress & Anxiety  Using EFT to Manage Your Emotional Eating  Using EFT to Unblock Your Intuition & Creativity $175/30min *Includes information handout on EFT for your session

The Spirits of Charlestown Haunted Historical Ghost Tour: Adults $20 Children $10, Military families free with ID. *please call for more information Available to purchase seasonally. 

Psychic As Healers

In the psychic community, healing has now become intertwined within our culture. Even society at large looks to the wisdom of the ancients and connects it to our evolving knowledge of spirit energy. As a global community, we have entered the age of the psyche, an age of energy where our intuition, emotions and spirit knowledge collide with our physical five senses.

We now search for balance between these two systems, when we find it, we are whole and we become open to healing. Those of us that do this well, can offer healing and teach the techniques to others so that they may reap the benefits of a balanced psychic mind.

Please note that alternative therapies and seeking the services of a psychic or healer does not replace going to Western Medical doctors. Psychics cannot diagnose. They can only tell you where your you have excess or depleted energy.

Psychics and healers are drawn to modalities right for them. There is a broad range of healing techniques. I offer three modalities in addition to my psychic practice: Reiki, EFT and Space Clearing.

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Reiki is a non-physical form of healing that uses the life force energy of all living things in the universe and is believed to be spiritually guided by a Higher Intelligence. It is not meant to be seen as a cure for any disease, but a way to bring your body to its fullest healing potential while receiving other forms of healthcare.

Practitioners and teachers involved with Reiki will have completed many different training courses and learned the techniques to work with energy, but every psychic has different ways of feeling and channeling its flow. However, all Reiki Masters transfer this energy into their students or patients by means of touch, or placing hands above the client’s body, to trigger the natural healing processes in order to rehabilitate both physical and emotional well-being.


 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT works similar to acupuncture but it does not use needles. Instead, it uses acupressure based on the same energy points in the body which can help remove negative emotions, reduce food cravings, prevent or reduce chronic pain and help implement positive goals for yourself and your future. Acupressure is a form of tapping that allows a psychic stimulate the energy inside the body to promote natural healing.

Also, using specific affirmation methodology during this treatment helps one rewire their minds for success. It restores the balance in ones life and allows negative thoughts and energy to be released.

Space Clearing  

Cleaning and clearing the energy in the space that you live and work. This is an exciting new area. Please check my blog in the next few weeks for a series of articles on my space clearing experiences with clients, techniques ,and case studies.

Psychics are known to use these and many other Eastern treatments (alternative therapies) while encouraging the use of Western medicine, as they both compliment one another. Psychic healing should not be seen as a cure, but it helps get to the core issues people have that create illness. Remember, toxic emotions that are not resolved will stay in the energy field and wreak havoc on your body and mind. It’s always best to clear up negative emotions like anger, rage, fear, resentment, and guilt before it leads to serious illness.