How Using Your Intuition Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Goals

The countdown to 2018 has begun. 

With just days before the start of the New Year, many of us are making our preparations.

Some of us are picking out the perfect outfit, while others are planning to settle in with a movie, snacks, and some bubbly.

For many of us, this time of year also means making our list of New Year’s resolutions, so that this coming year will be better – or at least different – than the last.

The problem is, we so often make resolutions that we know we probably won’t be able to keep – whether that’s quitting a bad habit, losing weight, making more money, or finally finding the love of our life. 

This just sets ourselves up for failure, which only discourages us even more.

If you’ve tried to set resolutions in the past, but haven’t had luck in seeing any real changes, you might want to consider using your intuition to set your intention for the New Year.

Setting Your Intention Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Goals

The reason so many of our resolutions fail is that while we want to see changes in our outer circumstances, we are ignoring or resisting changing ours patterns, our behaviors, our true intention.

Only by being open to changing or setting our intention do we start to make different decisions, and see different results.

As one of Boston’s top psychics, I have seen both in myself and in my clients the power of using intuition to set intention – and the change that this can bring.

That’s because by tuning into your intuition – this inner wisdom connected to your higher self and the Universe – you can gain real clarity on your authentic desires. And when you realize your life’s true goals – and start listening to that intuition – you set the stage for making different choices and seeing change in your life.

How To Set Your Intention For 2018

There are many exercises that can get you in touch with your intuition.

I often advise my clients to close their eyes and envision something like a blank television screen. If you need a setting for this screen, make it someplace comfortable and inviting.

Now, relax yourself and start watching this screen. I want you to start imagining the future’s events on it – a future you would like to see. If you already have a list of goals for the New Year, imagine yourself finally realizing those goals.

Where do you see yourself? Who are you with? What do you see happening? What are you wearing? How does it feel to have achieved these goals? Try to imagine it in as much detail as possible – the way it looks, smells, tastes, and feels to you.

 By accessing your intuition in this way, you’re getting in touch with your intuition and setting your intention for a better 2018 – one that will finally see the change you want.

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Boston’s Top Psychic Reveals How Intuition Can Make Or Break Your Holidays

The holiday season gives us the opportunity to take a break from our daily routines. 

Yet even those of us looking forward to time spent over hot cocoa with family and close friends know the season can also trigger some pretty stressful situations.

Maybe you’ve got an aunt who never fails to ask about an ex-boyfriend or your current love life – which she knows is a touchy subject for you. Perhaps you’re concerned you’ll overindulge in the food, partying, and spending, or you just get overwhelmed at large social gatherings. 

Whatever the case may be, you might want to try using your intuition to help you through the next few weeks.

Don’t Be A Slave To Mindless Obligation

One of the biggest problems many of us have this time of year is saying yes to events or another plate of food or spending money on a gift for someone when we don’t really want to – out of mindless obligation.

For example, a toxic cousin of yours invites you to a party. You say yes because, “It’s my cousin. I have to go.”

There’s a co-worker whose feelings would be crushed if you don’t buy her a present, especially since you’re buying one for another co-worker who is your close friend. So you spend your money and time getting her a gift, even though your heart’s not in it because, “I have to. She’d be so hurt if I don’t get her a gift.”

You’re stuffed to the brim after indulging in a substantial turkey dinner, but your aunt says you’ve just got to try her meat lasagna. So you oblige her even though your body tells you no because, “She prepared the meal and worked so hard on it. I have to eat it.”

Sound like you?

Nothing creates more stress than going against what your authentic self truly desires because “you have to.” 

Your Biggest Gift This Holiday Season Is Your Intuition

As one of Boston’s top psychic mediums, I have clients coming to me all the time who feel they need to do something – not because they want to, but because they should.

That “s” word is one of the worst, in my opinion. It usually means you’re putting someone else’s needs, desires, or preferences ahead of your own.

Here’s my advice to making your holidays wonderful:

Check in with yourself before saying yes.

Take a moment, close your eyes, breathe deeply, quiet your mind, and ask yourself if you really want to say yes – to spending time at a particular party, to that fifth piece of pizza, or whatever the opportunity may be.

And listen for your inner wisdom’s response.

That’s you checking in with your intuition – your higher self.

If your intuition says no, communicate this in a very polite way to your loved ones, but stay true to yourself.

By tuning into your intuition, you’ll start to make decisions that are aligned with what you truly want and need. This can go a long way in making your holiday season a happy and joyous one.

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Over the past three decades, I have honed my own psychic gifts, as well as helped thousands of my clients develop their own intuitive abilities. If you’d like the help of a psychic intuitive to coach you in enhancing or using your own intuition, CLICK HERE.


Using Your Intuition For Healthy Holiday Eating

Everyone likes to treat themselves during the holiday season.

And when it comes to food, this usually means giving yourself a pass to enjoy all the delicious treats that make the holidays so special.

We all know someone in the family who stuffs themselves so full during the festivities that they need to undo their belt buckle – or free the top button on their pants to make more room. And in most cases, we’re the guilty parties!

But if you have issues with overeating or weight gain, need to watch your blood sugar (to prevent or control diabetes), or you simply want to start eating only what your body actually needs, you might want to try using your psychic intuition.

How does intuition help you make healthier eating choices?

Intuitive eating means eating only when you are hungry, stopping when you are full, and not restricting yourself from any particular foods (unless you have medical reasons to do so).

When you tune into your psychic intuition, you are able to make a connection with your higher, authentic self, and the wisdom it possesses. By checking in with your body before, during, and after every meal – and following its signals – you will make choices that are in line with what your body truly needs to nourish itself, as opposed to what you think it wants.

Does intuitive eating really work?

Eating in this manner has been linked with lower BMI (maintaining one’s weight and preventing weight gain over the years) and improved psychological health.

Intuitive eating may well put an end to the worrying many of us have about weight gain, counting of calories, food deprivation, and obsession with the way we look. Once you find your body nourishing itself with what it truly needs, you’ll be able to start enjoying food again.

Below are 3 tips on how to use your intuition for healthier eating this holiday season.

#1. Take a moment to reflect.

Before you start putting food on your plate and eating,  Are you feeling happy, uneasy, upset, anxious, bored, sad, hungry?

By pausing and giving yourself a moment to reflect on where you’re at, you can distinguish between your body’s wants and needs. The signals may be subtle, but if you listen for them, they are there, and you can make a conscious decision about what you indulge in.

During your meal, you should also take time to pause. Chew your food slowly, so that you can enjoy the texture and sensation in your mouth before swallowing and starting on your next bite. This gives your gut the time it needs to send the message to your brain you are full, so that you can stop when you’re no longer hungry, instead of polishing off your entire plate automatically.

#2. Take a seat.

You’re much less likely to enjoy and appreciate your meal if you’re standing and on-the-go. Make a little ritual out of the meal. Take a seat, stop multi-tasking, and focus on what you’re doing right now – enjoying a beautiful holiday meal with your loved ones.

#3. Take time to be thankful.

During your meal, think about all the people and the energy that went into preparing it – the farmers who harvested it, the chefs who cooked it, the loved ones who served it, and those who are sharing it with you.

As you take time to be grateful, you will find your awareness about the experience and the food itself will open and blossom. It’s not just about hoarding as much food as possible, stuffing yourself to the brim. It’s a celebration, and a way to healthfully nourish yourself.

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Over the past three decades, I have honed my own psychic gifts, as well as helped thousands of my clients develop their own intuitive abilities. If you’d like the help of a psychic intuitive to coach you in enhancing or using your own intuition, CLICK HERE.

Intuitive Life Coaching vs. Traditional Therapy: Which One Is Right For You?

Do you feel like you aren’t living your best possible life?

Maybe you’re disappointed with where your career is going, are having difficulty finding a long-term partner, or have an emotional issue that’s holding you back from living your life to its full potential.

If this sounds like you – and you’re reading this article – it’s likely you’re looking for guidance to help get your life back on track.

You’ve probably considered seeing a traditional therapist, like a psychiatrist, psychologist, or licensed social worker.

But, have you ever thought of an intuitive life coach as an option?

If not, you might want to start. Depending on your personal goals and needs, intuitive life coaching might be exactly what you’re looking for.

What is intuitive life coaching?

Intuitive life coaching helps you change the way you make choices – and create the life you want – by putting you in touch with your intuition.

So, how does it work?

In my practice, I start out focusing on my client’s main goal. Every session builds on the one before it to help you work toward realizing that goal.

I use tarot cards during intuitive life coaching sessions to help you uncover your desires, realize your inner strengths, guide you through challenges, and connect you to the quiet wisdom of your inner self.

By discovering and tuning into your innate intuition, you will find yourself beginning to make choices that are in line with your higher, authentic self, as well as that of the Universe.

This inevitably helps you make conscious choices that create the life you truly want.

How does intuitive life coaching compare to traditional therapy?

In traditional therapy, you’re also working with your therapist toward a goal. For example, let’s say you want to find the right partner and get married.

A traditional therapist may help you to understand the underlying reasons that you’re still single, while an intuitive life coach will help you figure out what it will take from you to realize your goal.

Conventional therapy is very helpful if you’re going through a transition and need a sounding board or to receive guidance, whereas intuitive coaching is really about your coach asking you questions to help you get to know yourself better and make better decisions using your inner wisdom to do so.

What are the benefits of intuitive life coaching?

In order to succeed in life, I believe that you need to empower yourself and understand that you make your own choices, and as a result, you bear the consequences of your actions.

With intuitive life coaching, you will be tapping into your authentic, higher self to learn and understand about yourself. By listening to this new-found, quiet wisdom, you will be able to make decisions that help you reach your full potential and live your best life.

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Using Your Psychic Intuition This Gift-Giving Season

The holidays are just around the corner, and most of us are starting to fill with the excitement that accompanies the gift-giving season. That’s probably because there’s truth to the old adage that the joy of giving far exceeds the joy of receiving. 

But for others of us, we’re left worrying about whether we’ll pick the right gifts for the people we love. Will they like it? Hate it? End up returning our present? (If so, better get a gift receipt.) Or perhaps they’ll be so disappointed, they’ll start wondering if we really know them at all…

If this sounds like you, keep in mind that:

Each and every one of us has psychic intuition.

As one of Boston’s best psychic mediums, I believe that we all have psychic abilities, whether we acknowledge them or not. And that includes psychic intuition. All you have to do is tune into that intuition, listen to it, and make decisions that flow from it.

If you’ve traditionally had issues with buying the right gift for the right person, you might want to consider using psychic intuition to uncover it.

What is psychic intuition?

 Psychic intuition is an immediate, instinctive, almost unconscious knowing. It’s that feeling you get when you just know something, but can’t really point to any particular reason why – only to later find out you were right.

Can you develop your psychic intuition?

We all have intuition, to some degree. But the great news is that our innate gift of intuition can be nurtured – and grow stronger – through practice.

The more you use it, the more you develop it. And the more you come to trust your intuition and rely on it to make decisions, the more you’ll find your actions are in sync with the wisdom of both your higher self and the Universe as a whole.

How can my psychic intuition help me choose gifts for my loved ones this holiday season?

Tapping into your psychic intuition helps you to connect deeply with your authentic self, and the Universe. Once you access this place of calm wisdom, removed from the daily “noise” we all experience in life, you will simply know whether you’re making the best possible choice or not.

The below meditation is one way to help you tune into your intuition.

Take a couple of minutes to yourself in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Sit down in a relaxed position. Close your eyes, and slow your breathing.

Once you feel calm and relaxed, focus your attention on the person you’re giving a gift to. Blank your mind and ask your intuition what gift they might really enjoy.

Wait a few moments, and listen to what your intuition tells you. Be mindful that messages can come in several forms, like images, words, sounds, etc.

Now, this practice may work if you’re doing some at-home preparation before you set out to buy a gift, but you might be wondering how you can use your intuition if you’re in a crowded retail store, or about to make a purchase online.

In these cases, take a moment, breathe, and check in with your gut about the item you’re about to purchase for your loved one. Does it feel right? Is something off? Follow your gut.

Contact one of Boston’s best psychic mediums today.

Over the past thirty years, I have honed my own psychic gifts, as well as helped thousands of my clients develop their own intuitive abilities. If you’d like the help of a psychic intuitive to coach you in enhancing or using your own intuition, CLICK HERE.