3 Reasons All Boston Entrepreneurs Should Get An Intuitive Reading


Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.

-Steve Jobs


It comes as no surprise that the most successful Boston executives and entrepreneurs often consult with various advisors to help them advance both professionally and personally.


Whether that team includes financial advisors, mentors, leadership coaches, yoga instructors, or personal trainers, even the best leaders know that with these trusted experts by their side, they can become even better.


And in recent years, psychic business consultants have been added to that list in growing number. As a top Boston psychic in practice for nearly three decades, I’ve had the pleasure of providing intuitive counseling to hundreds of entrepreneurs and business professionals.


Here are three reasons that I believe all Boston entrepreneurs and executives can benefit from an intuitive business reading.


“How You Can Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever”


#1. Brilliant and wildly successful entrepreneurs either already have well-developed intuition, or consult with those who do.


Take a moment to think about the Bill Gates and Oprahs of the world. Do you think they reached such great heights of accomplishment by second guessing themselves? Do they seem to lack confidence in decision-making, or clarity about the vision of where their businesses are going?


They might have early on in their career. But they were eventually able to find, listen to, and follow their intuition to get them where they are today.


Or consider the popular TV show Shark Tank. You’ll rarely see the Sharks vacillate. The successful business personalities make a decision on whether to invest based on the information they have at hand, and more often than not, their gut. Even where the numbers and product are perfect, I’ve seen a Shark go “out” on an idea because they just didn’t feel “right” about going into partnership with that particular entrepreneur. That’s called going with your gut – or your intuition.


#2. Intuitive decisions (or risks) can be some of the most successful moves you’ll make.


When you shift from rational to intuitive decision-making, you will find that you’re more often than not taking on the right opportunities, at the right time, in the right way. The key to your success is from within.


#3. By honing your intuitive skills, you gain the strategic edge on your competitors.


WIth intuitive business counseling, you will inevitably gain insight and awareness into both yourself as well as your competitors. This can make you a better leader, and infinitely more successful.


How Boston’s Top Psychic Can Help You Advance In Business

My goal in a psychic business consultation is to provide intuitive guidance that will help Boston business owners successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities that they encounter.


When you listen to your psychic intuition, you tap into the wisdom of your higher self and the Universe as a whole. Eventually, you come to realize you have all the knowledge you need within yourself to make the right decision for you and your business.


By listening to your intuition and allowing it to guide you, you can get to where you are meant to be, attracting the right talent and opportunities to you, and expanding from there.

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As one of Boston’s best psychic intuitives, I have helped countless individuals achieve immense comfort and relief through intuitive counseling, communicating with their loved ones who have passed and helping them connect to their higher selves and spirit guides.

Does everyone have psychic ability?

I believe each and every one of us has psychic abilities, though the degree of our ability – and openness to that ability – varies. That said, psychic ability is something that can be improved with daily practice, such as meditation.

Does meditation increase psychic abilities?

A consistent meditation practice can help relax you and increase your intuition and awareness. It is the single most important technique to enhance your psychic senses.

Can my psychic abilities help me create a more peaceful life?

By using your psychic abilities to get in touch with your higher self, you will become increasingly intuitive, and able to know and connect with what your authentic truth is. When you align yourself to that truth, your everyday actions and decisions will reflect your best self. For many of my clients, this means greater self-confidence, and allows for deeper clarity and serenity.

What are some psychic techniques I can practice at home that will improve my life?

Before you begin your meditation, reflect on what in your life is causing you concern and anxiety. Make a list, putting them in the order of that which most disturbs you.

Now, take the top three things and set aside 20 minutes for yourself where you can be alone. 

Sit comfortably upright in a chair, close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax your body, and quiet your mind. One technique I use to relax my physical body is to tense up each body part for ten seconds, starting with my toes and feet and working my way up, and then releasing it, moving on to the next body part. You should feel much lighter as you take your attention up your body.  

Once you feel relaxed, ask yourself, “How can I achieve peace of mind around ________?” Name that first issue you had.

Now, reach out to the universe for answers. Ask for guidance. Be aware of the silence, and any messages that come through, such as colored lights, sounds, images, thoughts. The answers you receive can manifest in a variety of ways.

When you’ve finished your meditation, reflect on how you feel, and the messages you received. Do you feel more peaceful, or lighter? Do you know what decision or next step you will take? Do you have any more insight on your needs, or the needs of others around you? If it’s a problem that cannot be resolved, do you feel any more peace with it, and better able to manage that concern until the issue passes?

Daily meditation can help you develop psychic abilities and allow you to connect with yourself, and the universe, helping you achieve greater peace for yourself and others around you. We are all connected. We just need to take the time to make the connection.

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Turkish Coffee Readings: What Is Brewing In Your Future?


Your next cup of joe might do a lot more than just wake you up in the morning. For centuries, countries in the Balkans, Europe, and the Middle East have predicted the future based on reading coffee grounds. Called tasseography, the practice involves reading images in leftover coffee grounds or tea leaves that settle at the bottom of one’s cup. The traditional Turkish coffee reading fal – which means “fortunes” – remains widely practiced today.

What is “Turkish” coffee?

Turkish coffee is made by adding one to two heaping teaspoons of roasted Arabica beans, which are even more finely ground than espresso, into a copper or stainless steel pot called a cezve. Water is added to the pot and then placed on the stove to boil for several minutes. After cooling slightly, the coffee is poured into espresso-sized cups and given to those who wish to have a reading. Because Turkish coffee is neither filtered nor strained, you’re left with a mud-like sediment at the bottom of the cup, and it’s these grounds that will be used to tell your future.

What happens at a coffee reading?

 An individual or group of people will gather with a reader to drink the coffee. The reader will wait a few moments after pouring to allow the grounds to settle. After drinking as much of the coffee as possible before getting to the grounds at the bottom, the person receiving the reading places a saucer over the cup, turns it upside down, and swirls it around, allowing the excess coffee residue to drip down. Once the grounds are settled, the reader will turn the cup over and begin to translate the symbols he or she sees appear in the images made by the ground drippings inside the cup.

Are coffee readers psychic?

Some coffee readers are not psychic and only talk about the symbols they see in a coffee cup. They talk about whether the coffee grounds are clumped together or at the top or bottom of the cup. Others also use their intuitive powers to provide insight, guidance, and direction to those who seek it. And still others are both psychic and intuitive, combining these two abilities in their readings.

Are coffee readings better than other types of fortune-telling or psychic readings?

When it comes to fortune-telling, people can read in so many different ways, be it through tarot cards, palmistry, or coffee grounds. The talent and abilities are really with the practitioner, regardless of the method used. 

The same holds true for psychic readings. I have been a psychic medium for nearly 30 years and have assisted thousands of clients seeking to communicate with their loved ones lost. Acting as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world, I am able to receive messages from the departed and bring comfort, solace, and peace to those left behind.

If you seek answers or wish to connect with a loved one that is no longer with us, schedule a reading HERE.

One Psychic Medium’s Take On Europe’s First Underwater Museum

I recently read an article on Europe’s first underwater museum Museo Atlántico (Atlantic Museum), which opened to the public this past January in Lanzarote, Spain. British artist Jason deCaires Taylor’s sculpture work depicts 300 magical, eerie, and lifelike human-sized figures that can only be seen from the ocean’s floor. The artist created the installations to bring awareness to our planet’s oceans and the threats that face it. He has also been quoted as saying the idea was for the museum “to become a portal to another world.”

In my opinion, judging from the ghostly images I’ve seen online, he has indeed succeeded. He has created a realm far different than the physical world we experience every day on dry land, allowing divers to conceive of the type of destruction we can cause if we don’t care for our planet.

Our past experiences – and even our past lives – profoundly impact us.

This museum evokes in me the metaphor of visiting those deepest, darkest, hidden, and haunted parts of ourselves – both in our mind and in our soul – that we otherwise conceal to get by in our everyday lives. We all have past experiences – and maybe even past lives – that profoundly impact us even though they aren’t in plain sight or visible on the surface. 

Consider that all of us carry with us the pain, scars, and baggage of our childhoods, the circumstances, situations, or events that have befallen us, and the losses we have endured in the past. Some of us even believe the baggage from our ancient lives and ancestors get carried over within us. 

Until we heal those parts of ourselves we have hidden, we cannot move forward to the life the Universe intends for us.

It is my belief we’re put on this planet to evolve and that the same challenges will present themselves over and over until we acknowledge what we’re meant to learn from them. We cannot bury these experiences or feelings and pretend as though they don’t exist. It is only when we visit these haunted recesses of our mind, soul, and spirit, that we can learn what the Universe intends us to, and heal those parts of ourselves that need healing. And it is only when we are healed that we can move forward in the light.

As one of Boston’s Top Psychic Medium, I act as a bridge between two worlds – our physical world and the spirit world.

If you have wanted to connect with another world – be it the spirit world or the hidden world within yourself – I can help guide you. In this space, you are free to ask the questions you wish and receive the answers that your ancestors – or the Universe – would like to unlock for you. For over thirty years I’ve helped thousands of clients reach the serenity and peace they longed for.

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How Psychic Intuition Can Help You Attract Love This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day can be tough to get through for those of us who aren’t having a “You complete me” moment. As Boston’s top psychic medium, I often have clients coming in around this time of year to ask questions about their love lives. If you would like to find love – or improve the relationship you’re currently in – I suggest you consider how using your own psychic intuition can help you attract iove.

How can psychic intuition help me find love?

When you listen to your psychic intuition, you are tapping into the wisdom of both your higher self and the Universe as a whole. Imagine: All that knowledge is within you. Simply listening to your intuition and allowing it to guide you in life can get you to where you truly want and need to be, and attract the right people to you.

If you haven’t been lucky in love, or you’re consistently drawn to the wrong person, some inner reflection will help you to examine the patterns that have gotten you here so you don’t repeat them. Once you recognize those patterns, you’ll need to make a conscious decision to change your energy. Know that you are worthy and deserving of love – and know it on a deep level.


This conscious shift in energy will change the vibrations you emit, and as a result, the experiences you have and the people you meet. After all, what is love about but the psychic connection you share with another person. When you give off the right energy, you will attract the right one.

How do I tap into my psychic intuition?

Meditation is a great way to allow you to connect to your higher self and your psychic abilities.  For some tips on how to meditate, you may wish to read blog post on manifesting love in your life.


Not only will developing your psychic intuition make you feel more confident and self-assured that the decisions you make are the right ones for you, you’ll also feel increased serenity and and security. Because love isn’t something you can force. Sometimes, if we hold on too tight or squeeze too hard, we can lose it. By trusting in the Universe and being in touch with its infinite wisdom – as well as your own intuition – you’ll allow life and love to unfold naturally.

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