Ten Things Paranormal Investigators and Psychics Look For In Buildings With Alleged Paranormal Activity

Have you ever wondered how it’s determined that a building is haunted? Most people and many paranormal groups get their information about hauntings from TV shows. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on paranormal television programs for your education. Their priority is to entertain you and more often than not, the integrity of the investigations are compromised to gain TV ratings.

Paranormal investigations are fun and no-nonsense at the same time. In an investigation,, paranormal investigators and psychics play different roles and have different priorites.A paranormal investigator looks for scientifically verifiable facts such as capturing random unexplainable images on film and random mysterious sounds on audio equipment. A psychic uses their psychic senses; Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairolfactory, and Clairgustance to detect energy or a presence. I do both.

Here are the top ten things I investigate to determine if a building is haunted:

1) Interview people who live or work in the allegedly haunted building and find out why they think there is paranormal activity. Did they see, hear, feel, smell or taste something unexplainable? Find out where in the building this occurred.

2) Look for natural causes for these unexplainable occurrences.      

3) Take a baseline measurement of the EMF levels in the building. Excessive EMF can cause people to have hallucinations. Rule out or make note of excessive EMF levels.

4) Sit quietly in a meditative state in each room, tune into the energy and ask if there are any spirits there who’d like to communicate.

5) Place my hands on the walls and furniture to see if I get psychic impressions of prior events.

6) Look for unexplainable activity such as flickering lights, a mysterious breeze, or a door closing on its own.

7) Take note of scattered random dimes and pennies lying around.

8) Leave a voice recorder running in a room and review later for strange sounds.

9) Conduct an EVP session and review the recording for strange sounds.

10) Use a video camera to film in a location where paranormal activity.has been reported.


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4 Ways A Psychic Can Help You Get Through The Long Winter Months

With overcast skies causing moodiness, having to dodge cold and flu germs everywhere you go, and dealing with slippery icy conditions, it’s no wonder people go crazy in the winter. If you’re not into outdoor sports, you’re forced into hibernation but you don’t get to sleep through it like bears do.

Did you know that when you’re feeling the winter blahs, it’s an excellent time to make an appointment to see a psychic? Here are four reasons why consulting with a psychic might help you to navigate the long winter months with ease.

A good psychic can help you:

1) Uncover unnecessary fears. With less activity and more time on your hands, you might take that excess energy and turn it in on yourself. Irrational fear thoughts can be relentless. A good psychic can help you identify misplaced fears and wrong thinking that contribute to you feeling down.

2) Help YOU to trust YOU again and eliminate self-doubt. If you’re cooped up during a long winter, you may lose a sense of your personal power. A good psychic can give you insights into yourself that restores your self-worth and challenges your self doubt. Once you focus on the truth about your strengths, your inner wisdom and self-trust returns. 

3) Identify ways that you’re self-sabotaging.  If more darkness in winter makes you feel moody, you might inadvertently give in to bad moods and adopt negative behaviors. A good psychic can uncover behaviors you’ve adopted that stop you from being happy. For example – isolating yourself in the winter. Some solitude is good. Complete solitude is probably unhealthy. A  good psychic might encourage you to get out of the house more often or reassure you that this is exactly what you need right now. Sometimes uncovering that you’re sabotaging yourself is enough to motivate you to stop doing it.

4) Learn guided visualization techniques. A guided visualization is a meditation practice where you get insights for yourself. Ask your psychic if they know a guided visualization that they can give you. In this type of meditation you are guided to tap into your intuitive ability to elicit intuitions and solutions without having to go through psychic. You can ask your higher self for its wisdom about getting through the winter.

Here is a link for one of the best guided imagery websites.   Guided Imagery Link

I hope that you’ve found some of these ideas helpful.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.  

Warmly,  MaryLee


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What it’s like for a psychic intuitive or psychic medium to give a reading


Some people still think that psychics are frauds, research you ahead of time, or are just good guessers. To dispel these myths about psychics, I thought I’d describe my psychic reading process so you can have an insider’s point of view.

Please note that I’m only describing my process. Every psychic gets their information differently so their process may be different than mine. It’s similar in the way that one artist’s creative process is different from another artist’s creative process.

Truthfully, I’m usually nervous before I read for a client. I’m less nervous if I’ve read for that person before because I know they connect with my style which is a little different. I worry that new clients may be expecting the stereotypical fortune-teller. When people come to a psychic they think their life is an open book and their future is fixed and knowable. I don’t believe that you can predict the future with a high degree of accuracy because the future is dynamic. The future changes all the time because everyone has free will to change their mind. When you change your mind, you change your future. 

I read from my living room with my client sitting next to me. After he or she has pulled tarot cards for the reading, I hold both their hands in my hands. I do this to establish a multisensory connection with them. As I hold their hands, I hear sounds, see images, and get feelings and knowings. I also give readings over the phone which for me are exactly that same as if that person is sitting next to me.

When I’m reading, I’m open and receptive to anything that might come through no matter how odd it might be. There are no words to adequately describe what it’s like. You have to have it yourself to know what it’s really like. It’s different from thinking thoughts or feeling emotions.

My intuitive pops come one after another. The images I receive are subtle, translucent, and disappear right after I notice them. The information I hear comes in quietly. Intuitive feelings linger until I describe what I’m feeling. If I can’t quite hear the information – it’s usually because the client is likely to resist what I’m telling them.

If I’m getting information clairsentiently, like the emotion of joy or fear, I feel it throughout my body. Having given so many readings my clairsentience is finely tuned. I feel subtle nuances. The feeling of anxiety is different than depression and fear seems different than terror or rage.

Frequently people ask me if giving readings is exhausting. Personally, I don’t get tired unless it’s a difficult reading. I do go into an altered state so I can get spaced-out. After a reading I may need to eat something or reground myself. I find if someone comes to their reading exhausted or sleep deprived, I get sleepy and can hardly stay awake for the reading.

 In our training, we’re told to, “give what we get.” This means to describe the information we’re getting through our senses but not to interpret the meaning of that information. The problem being the psychic may misinterpret what they’re getting. Describing what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, smelling or tasting is the best way for the client to recognize what the psychic is talking about.

 I hope this post is helpful to you. Hopefully, it dispels the idea that psychics just make everything up. If you have other questions, send them to me using the Contact Us form on my website. Please feel free to suggest other topics as well.

Holiday Wellness Strategies

I know you’re already in the thick of things when it comes to the holidays. Did you know that there are approximately 41 days every year from the beginning of Thanksgiving week to January 1st, the end of the holiday season? It’s a fun and festive time and it can be stressful. Even our furry friends get bluesy.

Since we’re only half way through the season, now would be a good time to checkin with yourself. If you haven’t put wellness strategies in place STOP and consider doing this now. Maybe you’re enjoying yourself and sailing through the holiday season with bells on. In that case, wellness strategies are important to maintain your happiness. You might, however, be struggling with the down side of the holidays- anxiety and depression. You may be grieving. Many people feel sad during the holidays. In that case, wellness strategies are important to manage your moods and to push you to be with people and do activities that are uplifting.

The most important thing you can do to ensure your wellness during the holiday season is to plan ahead. Focus on what really matters. Then, focus on you and what you need. Finally, focus on others. When you focus on self-care, you’re more available to others. You’re more mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually aware and you bring your best self to the party. You can be there for others when you’re there for yourself.

Click on the links below to read articles from WEBMD and The Huffington Post on taking care of yourself during the holidays. These two articles are all you need to come up with your own best strategies.  Best wishes,  MaryLee

25 Ways To Find Joy And Balance During The Holidays

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5 Realistic Expectations to Have Prior to and During Your Reading With A Psychic Medium



1) If you’re expecting to get a reading with Teresa Caputo’s clone, you’re not being realistic. Each psychic medium has his or her own unique personality. You might get a flamboyant medium or you may get a quiet one. Teresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, is to the psychic medium industry as Dolly Parton is to the country music industry. She’s great at what she does and has a big fun personality. What you CAN expect is that your mediumship reading will be satisfying to you and touch your soul. Maybe you’ll shed a few tears that are healing. 

2 )Expect to talk to your spirit people in the days and weeks before your reading. Let them know you’re getting a mediumship reading, when and where you’ll be, and ask them to show up. Do this multiple times not just once. Realistically – it works. Do it!

3 ) Expect that when you’re in your reading that a spirit will sometimes describe themselves differently than the way you think of them. For example, the spirit might say they’re sorry for having a short fuse. Before you say “no” “that’s not my Dad, he was as patient as the day is long”, think for minute if either he might have thought of himself that way or if others may have viewed him that way. Don’t make it fit but think about it before you say,”no”. Thinking might trigger you to remember…”oh yeah, boy, did Dad lose his temper any morning we were late leaving the house”. It’s not unusual for a readee to hear a description of a spirit and then have a brain freeze. Mediums expect this when none of the susequent details make sense. Be patient. Maybe you need to hear a few more pieces of evidence before you recognize that spirit. Perhaps the medium is misinterpreting the information and that’s throwing you off. I had a reading with a famous medium who insisted my family owned a general store. I knew we didn’t own a general store. Because I kept saying “no” to this important piece of information at the very beginning, the rest of the reading went badly. Later, when I thought about it, I realized my father worked for Sears Roebuck for 40 years, the largest general store in the US at the time. I viewed his job as working for a large corporation. I could not make the “general store” connection during the reading for the life of me. I learned a valuable lesson about readings that day. Be open and flexible of mind. Don’t make it fit -but stay open.

4) Hopefully, those spirits that you most want to hear from will come to your psychic medium reading. Realistically, any person you encountered during your life can show up in your reading even the neighbor down the street that you only waved to when you left the house. A good thing to think about before your reading is not only the spirits you most want to hear from but also all the people you know who’ve died. There are two schools of thought about spirit communication. One is that you don’t get to decide which spirits come through during your session. A medium can only bring through the spirits who are around you and want to talk. This is the most traditional viewpoint. There is another school of thought that a medium can call on any spirit anytime. Most mediums DO NOT believe you can just call in any spirit any time. All mediums DO believe, however, that you can call on any spirit, but it may take that spirit days or weeks to show up.

5) Finally, expect not to give your medium information before and during your session even though it’s tempting! The reason being the medium is trying to establish a connection with a spirit. The medium needs the spirit to give them information so they can tell you. A medium has a process for working with the spirit world and they trust that process even if it’s a difficult reading. Some mediums are really strict about not asking you questions and others are not. Try not to talk too much during your reading so that the spirits who want to talk have enough tme to come through.

Enjoy your session!


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