Can Psychics Predict The Future

When it comes to predicting the future, it is best to keep in mind one very important variable, our free will. Many people think that the future is predetermined, or that a psychic reading can pinpoint what your future holds. The bottom line is that every human in the world is born with free will.

Free will allows us to change our future, for better or worse, through a series of choices. When you visit a psychic, they may pin point a certain area of your life that you are having difficulty in. If you continue down the road of speed bumps, it’s most certain that you will never reach your goal. However, if you use your free will and decide to veer off the bumpy path and onto a smoother, quicker road, you’re chances of success are greatly improved.

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If we didn’t have free will, we wouldn’t have the ability to make any choices. We would be a society of puppets on a string, walking around being controlled, with every moment already laid out for us. Not only would that be incredibly dull and monotonous, it wouldn’t allow us to experience all that life has to offer.

I have a funny example that illustrates free will. My father, a conservative man and a skeptic, gave me a chance to prove to him that I was psychic. During one Christmas gathering, Dad and asked me to read his cards. He had one question. He wanted me to predict what time he would get home from his trip. My intuition told me and I relayed, “8:00 pm.” Dad replied, “You’re right that is the time I will be getting home.” 

On the day Dad returned home, he went to the airport early and asked for and got on an earlier flight. Dad flew to Atlanta where he’d left his car. Normally, Dad stops for dinner but this time he bought a sandwich and kept driving. When he arrived home, Dad called me and said, “You were wrong about when I’d get home. I just walked in the door and it’s 5:00pm not 8:00pm.” This story about my mischievous Dad illustrates free will. He exercised his right to make alternate decisions and changed his future.

But what about fate, or destiny? You may be wondering where that fits in to all of this. I believe that there are some predetermined aspects in all our lives that we have little control over. We all have a destiny to fulfill. Before we are born, our spirit lays out a contract with the universe about certain events we’d like to experience for the purpose of our evolving soul. But it is never certain how these events will play out, only that they eventually will; like meeting your soul mate or having children or landing your dream job.

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However, our free will can work for us or against us. You may be destined for greatness, but your free will continues to make choices that keep you farther away from attaining it. Perhaps you will not achieve greatness in this lifetime, but the beauty of the universe is that you will have another chance at it in your next life, if you so choose.

It could also be that you did not choose to experience greatness in this lifetime. Your soul contract may be that you’re here to learn about compassion or compromise or loving yourself despite life’s disappointments. Whatever the lesson you’re here to learn, you’ll certainly be tested many times on that issue before you’ve mastered it, and move on to the next lesson.

Getting back to psychic readings. There will always come a time that a psychic prediction does come true. There have been many times I have intuitively felt someone was about to meet a new love or have a child and it came true. How is this possible? Your past, present and future are infused in your aura ,which is the energy field around your skin. As a psychic intuitive reader, I sense the energy fields you are emanating in the present, right at the moment of the reading. I can see where you are heading if you stay on the path you are currently trekking, but any one choice, be it your own or anyone involved in your situation, can make or break the path you follow.

As a psychic intuitive reader, it is my job to empower you to make the best possible choices with my good intent for you to reach your goals in life. If you come to me with very specific questions about what your future holds, we can explore the many potential outcomes based on your free will. Remember, only you have the power to control your future and every decision you make will define it, now and for eternity.


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Meditation & Why Psychics Thrive Being In Nature

   Have you ever wondered why meditation is the number one way to develop your psychic ability? Let’s explore meditation and it’s role in developing not only a peaceful state of mind, but a higher level of intuitiveness.

Science has proven time and time again that mediation heals both the body and the mind. It is becoming more and more popular as people realize that the stress created out of our distracted and busy lifestyle is taking a toll on our mental health. Meditation can not only lower a person’s blood pressure, but it can also improve your immune system and amp up your ability to concentrate.

Research also shows that meditation can help reduce symptoms of all types of disease, including depression and anxiety. One study concluded that using meditation to treat anxiety has a similar effect as using antidepressant drug therapy.

I’ve also written before about how meditation is one of the best ways to increase psychic ability. Being grounded and having complete control over your thoughts is key to connecting with our subconscious and the universe around us. If meditation can reduce stress and anxiety while increasing focus and concentration, imagine what it can do for your intuition. Being able to calm your thoughts, to focus inward, yet connect outward, is the path towards developing greater psychic awareness.

There are so many ways you can meditate. In your home or on a break at the office is a great start, especially if you can come up with a consistent schedule. But did you know that mediating in nature is the easiest way to calm your mind?

Psychic’s thrive in nature for this very reason. Unlike the indoors, where there is a constant noise of appliances, radio waves or wireless internet signals radiating permanently through our bodies, the natural world coaxes our senses to come alive effortlessly. When we aren’t bombarded by other signals and we step outside, we begin to feel things we wouldn’t feel inside a house. Our skin comes alive at the gentle touch of a breeze and the subtleties in temperature from the sun shining down on us. Our hearing is more focused, as we listen to the birds sing or the rustle of leaves in the trees. Even our eyes become enchanted with the sheer beauty of the natural world, with its diverse colors and textures surrounding us in all shapes and forms.

All these calming effects takes place even before we start to mediate. Imagine the sensory experience at a heightened state of meditation, where you not only increase your focus, but you connect with all that is around you and literally become one with nature. We have always been a part of nature, so it is, in a sense, returning home.

Remember, psychic ability is a very natural sense. Often referred to as the sixth sense, it is safe to say that we can become much more connected to it and be able to control it when we cultivate it in the natural world. Meditation will benefit you, no matter where you practice, but keep in mind that nature will give you a natural boost in accessing joy, tranquility and psychic awareness.


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How To Overcome Anxiety And Unblock Your Psychic Ability

Anxiety can be crippling. It can make people afraid to fly on planes or have trouble meeting new people. Often a sign of depression, anxiety can cause people to stop taking chances in life for fear of failure, of judgment or other irrational fears.

Now imagine a person who is psychic or trying to develop their psychic intuitive abilities. If they are anxious or surrounded by people who do not support them, who ridicule their eagerness towards developing their intuition, will this beginner ever learn to develop their intuition if they are plagued with anxieties about their abilities? Most likely not. 

Luckily, we all have the power within ourselves to battle anxiety. The first step to conquer anxiety is to understand why you feel anxious about something in the first place. Perhaps it’s not just about your psychic abilities, perhaps a fear of embarrassment is at the centre of your anxieties, or a social anxiety, or an irrational fear of being hurt if you leave your home. Whatever the anxiety is, the good news is that all anxieties can be overcome.

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Thoughts are powerful, even when they are not psychic. Certain thoughts can make you feel physically ill, just as certain thoughts can make you feel anxious and stressed. How you see the world, how you view yourself in it, how you talk to yourself internally, all impact how you feel emotionally.

One thing I have learned in my struggles to overcome anxiety is that if I can change my thoughts, I can change my mood and enable myself to heal, both physically and spiritually. If I can catch myself in the midst of a negative thought, I can turn it around into a positive one. If I fear something, I know I need to set small goals to face that fear head on.

If someone says something unsupportive or rude about my abilities, I can choose to let it go immediately and not let it impact me. Only when you truly understand where your own anxieties come from, can you completely let them go and move towards healing and developing your psychic intuition.

There are other ways to help reduce stress and anxiety during the healing process and which can help you boost your psychic intuition. Guided meditation is one of those ways. You can find many listening CDs or kits at your local library or book store that focus on relieving anxiety though meditation.

I can recall hearing about one such guided meditation that really worked for a friend of mine. At night before sleep, or any time she had a moment to lay comfortably and relax, she would play a cd that would ask her to picture herself at the bottom of a mountain, about to trek up to the top. Before she started walking, she would have to pick up and put on a heavy backpack filled with her anxieties. All her fears and all her doubts were stuffed inside of it and she had to begin lugging them all up the mountain.

However, the higher she went, the more anxieties she was able to empty out of her back pack. As she got closer and closer to the top, she would take out an anxiety and throw it down the side of the mountain, letting it go completely. She said she would begin to feel lighter and lighter with each mental step. By the time she reached the top of the mountain, she was free of all her anxieties.

Now, of course, change doesn’t happen overnight, but if you want to develop psychic intuition you have to be determined enough to face your anxieties head on in order to reach your full potential. Especially if your anxieties revolve around your psychic ability. When you let go of your fears and anxieties and stop letting other people influence your actions and thoughts, you will gain the confidence and inner calmness you need in order to thrive, both spiritually and emotionally.


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Is Deja Vu A Psychic Experience?

Do you ever feel a strange sense of awareness about certain places or people and that a particular experience seems like it duplicates something that happened in the past? The problem is you have no recall of it happening in the past. You could be experiencing déjà vu.

Déjà vu is difficult to describe and even more difficult to study, though it refers to those unusually rare moments when the present suddenly starts feeling like the past. Is it a memory from a dream that causes it? Perhaps a past life memory emerging from deep within our collective psyche? Is it a stream of consciousness left from reincarnation or is déjà vu a psychic phenomenon? 

Most psychologists who study memory suggest that because we have source memories for all the things that have ever happened to us and source memories about where they occurred, when we experience déjà vu we may simply be experiencing something familiar in which the source cannot be pin pointed in our memory banks.

What’s so interesting about having a déjà vu is that it is often young people who experience this phenomena the most. It seems peculiar because you would think it would be the opposite, as older people have more memories stored away. Yet from between the ages  6-10 is when experiencing déjà vu begins, with the most occurrences happening between the ages of 15 to 25. Is it not possible that the young are more susceptible to past life transference, or are they tapped into a higher level of consciousness? It’s a common belief that children are more psychic than the average adult, so it makes sense for children to experience more feelings of déjà vu.

Déjà vu could be considered a precognitive response. It is your brain’s way of letting you know that you are familiar with a certain situation but it also acts as a warning that something might not be right. Déjà vu researchers claim that people with epilepsy often report the feeling of déjà vu right before they have a seizure. The brain sends signals to other parts of the brain that possibly triggers a memory response from previous attacks. Because an epileptic usually cannot remember their seizures, they are left with the same feeling as someone who experiences a familiar object or scene but doesn’t know why.

Whatever the cause, people around the world who claim to have feelings of déjà vu often report having other psychic abilities as well, including precognition. Though most psychics believe that the two are separate abilities and not related to one another, they are both still common in those with highly developed intuition.

As a Boston Psychic, I do occasionally experience déjà vu. My most recent experience was in Boston’s Chinatown. I stopped at a stand and was just about to place my order for chicken fried rice. Suddenly, I had an eerie sense that I’d done that exact same thing before at this exact same spot even though I’d never been there before. My first thought was I must be connecting with one of my past lives

So if you ever get a weird feeling that you’ve experienced a moment in time before, or sense a familiarity in a new place, you may not only be experiencing déjà vu, you could be opening yourself to a higher level of psychic awareness.


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What Is A Pet Psychic?

A pet psychic is an animal communicator who can communicate psychically with living animals and sometimes, spiritually with animals who have passed on. As a Boston psychic, I have conducted many readings for people and their pets. I use my intuition and empathy to receive information from all sorts of pets. 

Many animal communicators or pet psychics believe that all living things, as well as humans, have the ability to communicate through telepathy. As the most basic form of communication, animals are more evolved in telepathy because they are never taught to rely on verbal communication. We are encouraged from a very young age to communicate through verbal cues, so our telepathy skills are never developed. Just like a muscle, telepathy will weaken if not used regularly, and die if not used at all. However, with the proper training, anyone can learn to communicate telepathically with his or her pets, or any animal.

When I communicate as a pet psychic with an animal, it is a two way street. I can send information through visual thoughts and the pet will receive them. In order to know what they are thinking, the pet will send back information in pictures as well. I can also pick up on certain emotions an animal is feeling and help pet owners understand what their animal is dealing with and pass on what they want their owners to know.

Some examples of questions that usually arise during a pet reading would be; how can I make my pet happier? Is my pet in any pain or discomfort? What feelings do they have that makes them act a certain way? How does my pet feel about a particular person or other animal companion? What does my pet want me to know?

I often find that my clients are so grateful to me after a psychic pet reading because they feel more connected and better able to understand their pet’s behavior. I help discover emotions in pets that the owners simply didn’t recognize. Sometimes this gets to the bottom of an issue that’s been causing problems and the owner can then come up with resolutions to help their pet become more stable and happier. 

If you are worried about your pet’s health, or you notice any significant changes in their behavior, such as lethargy, weight loss, hair loss, or sudden personality changes, I recommend taking them to see their vet right away. I cannot replace good quality health care for your pet, especially if they are suffering from an illness. However, if the illness is masked, a pet psychic reading may be able to help determine how and where the body is under stress. This information can then be passed on to help a qualified medical veterinarian to provide the correct treatment.

If you are wondering about a previous pet, one who has passed on, as a psychic medium, I can communicate with animals in spirit. They often show up in reading to thank their owners and send their well wishes. Animals in spirit are the purest form of unconditional love, and they only wish to continue to guide and protect from the Other Side, just as much as they did when they were living. Often times my clients do not even need to send a request to their beloved pets, their animal spirits are always with them, always watching over them from beyond.


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