Alternative Therapies: Physical Body

In my last blog post I discussed how various types of psychic readings can be avenues for healing. I included readings (not all readings) in the Alternative Therapies category after 30 years of witnessing their potentially healing affect. In this next post I want to continue our discussion about Alternative Therapies using energy healing practices.

Healing Yourself With Emotional Freedom Technique

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There are many ways in which a person can overcome trauma and heal. It all begins within oneself and the choices we make each day to bring us one step closer to the positive. Many psychics have experienced trauma and are trained in non-traditional healing techniques. Though today I’d like to explore some alternative energy healing therapies that can help a person become more energized, stronger, grounded and more in touch with their psychic intuition. I’ve always stressed how important meditation is to unlocking your psychic abilities as well as for over all well-being. The following physical practices not only work out your body, but also your mind.


This technique dates back to the sixth and fifth century BCE, in ancient India. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of yoga to reduce the risks associated with cancer, schizophrenia and heart disease and its effectiveness towards psychological healing associated with trauma. Yoga is a disciplined method for attaining a goal and includes different techniques, (poses, stretches, breathing and mindfulness) to help one gain control of their whole being. Furthermore, the Buddhist and Hindu traditions view yoga as a way to raise and expand your consciousness, to discover ones dysfunctional views and ways of thinking and to overcome them. Yoga helps release these negative thoughts to heal suffering and gain inner peace which in turn can help raise psychic awareness.  

Tai Chi

Although originally used as a from of self defense, this martial art is now practiced mainly for its health benefits. It is a discipline known to extend your life’s longevity and increase balance in all aspects of life. Tai Chi is believed to have started by a Taoist monk named Zhang Sanfeng back in the 12th century, though there is still some debate about it’s actual origins. Tai chi involves training different elements; the hands with/without weapons, breathing, movement, awareness and meditation as well as response drills and defense techniques. It is believed that if one can focus the mind strictly on the movements of form, it will help with healing and bring about a state of calmness and clarity. It’s proven to reduce stress, improve coordination, relaxation and reduce muscle tension. When used effectively, it can lead to a state where one is more open to their psychic ability and intuition as well. 


Similar to Tai chi, Qigong involves fluid movements which are carefully choreographed to take into account the breath and awareness of the practitioner and is considered a highly effective health care practice. The gentle and rhythmic movement can reduce stress, increase vitality and even enhance the immune system. People who incorporate Qigong into their daily routine can heal their bodies, calm their minds and reconnect with their spirit. It creates a balanced lifestyle leading to more enjoyment, greater harmony and stability overall.  A healthy body and mind will always increases psychic intuition.        

 All of these physical movements and mindful techniques work with energy (Chi or Qi), the main life force that flows through all living things in the universe. This energy is where intuition resides. This energy can help heal the mind, the body and the spirit if used correctly. It also opens communications to the other side for those who can access it. Its pure light energy restores the energy field of toxic emotions that are not resolved and are causing illness. As a psychic intuitive, I recommend these and many other alternative therapies to cleanse the mind and heal the soul.


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Meditation & Why Psychics Thrive Being In Nature

   Have you ever wondered why meditation is the number one way to develop your psychic ability? Let’s explore meditation and it’s role in developing not only a peaceful state of mind, but a higher level of intuitiveness.

Science has proven time and time again that mediation heals both the body and the mind. It is becoming more and more popular as people realize that the stress created out of our distracted and busy lifestyle is taking a toll on our mental health. Meditation can not only lower a person’s blood pressure, but it can also improve your immune system and amp up your ability to concentrate.

Research also shows that meditation can help reduce symptoms of all types of disease, including depression and anxiety. One study concluded that using meditation to treat anxiety has a similar effect as using antidepressant drug therapy.

I’ve also written before about how meditation is one of the best ways to increase psychic ability. Being grounded and having complete control over your thoughts is key to connecting with our subconscious and the universe around us. If meditation can reduce stress and anxiety while increasing focus and concentration, imagine what it can do for your intuition. Being able to calm your thoughts, to focus inward, yet connect outward, is the path towards developing greater psychic awareness.

There are so many ways you can meditate. In your home or on a break at the office is a great start, especially if you can come up with a consistent schedule. But did you know that mediating in nature is the easiest way to calm your mind?

Psychic’s thrive in nature for this very reason. Unlike the indoors, where there is a constant noise of appliances, radio waves or wireless internet signals radiating permanently through our bodies, the natural world coaxes our senses to come alive effortlessly. When we aren’t bombarded by other signals and we step outside, we begin to feel things we wouldn’t feel inside a house. Our skin comes alive at the gentle touch of a breeze and the subtleties in temperature from the sun shining down on us. Our hearing is more focused, as we listen to the birds sing or the rustle of leaves in the trees. Even our eyes become enchanted with the sheer beauty of the natural world, with its diverse colors and textures surrounding us in all shapes and forms.

All these calming effects takes place even before we start to mediate. Imagine the sensory experience at a heightened state of meditation, where you not only increase your focus, but you connect with all that is around you and literally become one with nature. We have always been a part of nature, so it is, in a sense, returning home.

Remember, psychic ability is a very natural sense. Often referred to as the sixth sense, it is safe to say that we can become much more connected to it and be able to control it when we cultivate it in the natural world. Meditation will benefit you, no matter where you practice, but keep in mind that nature will give you a natural boost in accessing joy, tranquility and psychic awareness.


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