What To Do If You’re The Victim Of A “Gypsy Psychic” Scam?

Before you jump into this blogpost, I want you to know that I don’t know any scam psychics. I’ve only heard about them. I know hundreds of talented psychics and all of them work with integrity. A “gypsy psychic” is a con artist. They have names like “Ms Monica” or “Mrs WIlson” posted on a sign in the window of a non-descript store front studio.  Be wary of this type of psychic.

Last week, I had a client that was the victim of a “gypsy psychic” scam. I wish I could say this is rare. Sadly, it’s more common than I’d realized. When I began talking with my colleagues, everyone had clients who reported similar experiences. Here’s how the “gypsy psychic” scam works.

The gypsy entices you in with a sign offering a $10 reading. You think, “Why not? It’s only $10.” The gypsy tells you something vague that rings true enough that you want to hear more. They hook you for $25 – $50 more. 

Thus begins the scam. The gypsy sizes you up as they read you. They’re predatory and seek out the vulnerable. They callously throw out teasers like you have cracks in your aura, you have a curse, ,or there is dark energy around you. The “gypsy psychic” indicates they can perform certain rituals that will take away this misery. Oh, and they may also ask you to write down how much you earn and how much you have saved. 

As they work their fraudulent magic, they have you buying candles, crystals, medals, oils, or holy water, that can break curses, fix auras or make someone love you.This fake service isn’t cheap. Expect to pay about $500. If you fall for it, they’ll up the ante. The “gypsy-psychic” now tells you that you need to buy larger, more powerful crystals to change your luck because you’re dealing with a powerful curse. The cost for the crystals, good luck and new life is somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500.-$2800.

At the $10,000 level, a gypsy guarantees you great business success, a fabulous forever marriage, and robust good health without serious illnesses. They’ve been stringing you along, priming you for thie big payoff moment.

If you’ve had this experience or anything similar– you’re the victim of a “gypsy psychic” scam. Report them to the police immediately. Gypsies prey on the innocent and vulnerable  Instinctively, they know who they can rip off. Genuine, honest psychics do not talk about curses and spells, or dark energy hanging over your head. If you are being asked for more and more money, you need to see this clearly for what it is – fraud.  Think about it, can any human being make the kind of promises they’ve been making to you?

Gypsies get away with this because no one reports them. It’s embarassing to admit that you’ve been had by a psychic. You do yourself and every future victim of that gypsy a favor by not taking this lying down. Here is a list of possible actions you can take recommended by my friends who are psychics and metaphysical teachers who gave feedback on this topic on my FB page. There are also suggestions from a lawyer and a police officer.

1)     Tell the psychic that they are a fraud and you want your money back,. Tell them you’re reporting them to the police.

2)     Report them to the Better Business Bureau.

3)     Post comments on YELP or GOOGLE.  Use social media to warn people. Believe it or not – a lot of these gypsies have websites.

4)     Contact your local police department.

5)     Contact your local district attorney’s office

6)     Contact the Attorney General’s office.

7)     Contact the Division of Licensure, as they are not licensed to sell you what they’re trying to sell you.  (Thank you S)

 No one hates hearing about people who get ripped off by fraudulent psychics more than honest, caring, genuine psychics. It gives the psychic profession a bad name. It seems like everyone in the psychic community has run across this gypsy sub-culture and feel helpless to stop them.  Do what you can to expose them. Report them and post about them on social media. Share what happened to you to prevent future victims. Don’t suffer in silence.


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Psychic Mediums and Inspired Speaking

Psychic Mediums and Inspirational Speaking

People have seen or heard about psychic mediums who communicate with spirits in front of an audience. When the medium communicates with specific individual audience members, it is called platform mediumship.

Few people know about another type of mediumship which is also delivered by a medium in front of an audience. When the medium speaks to the entire audience, not individuals, it is called inspirational speaking.

Most mediums can do inspirational lectures which are similar to sermons. What’s unique to mediumship about inspired talks is that both the topic and the lecture are unknown to the medium until he or she arrives at the podium.The lecture literally tumbles out of his or her mouth without thought. A psychic medium cannot plan or prepare for an inspirational lecture as they are only the mouthpiece. The content for the talk is created by the spirit world. 

In platform mediumship, a medium communicates with one spirit at a time. When they finish with one spirit, the next spirit is in the que ready to speak. A medium, who is on stage or at a podium, provides details about an audience member’s loved in the spirit world. Through relaying very specific details, known as evidence, the identity of the spirit becomes known. Many times, the spirit will also have a message for their loved ones about why they’ve come through. Spirits use the psychic medium as a conduit to connect with one or more their family members or friends who are in the audience.

In the case of inspirational speaking, spirits are trying to reach the entire audience. Their message is profoundly wise. The purpose of their sermon, as it is in platform mediumship, is to heal. Tears are a sign of healing. Many people who are bereaved go to mediumship events for the possibility of deep healing about a loved one who has crossed over. The atmosphere in the room is, sometimes, but not always, filled with powerful healing energy.

Complete trust is essential between the medium and the spirit world for these events to be successful. It takes a lot of courage for a medium to walk out in front of an audience not knowing what they’re going to say. The trust between a medium and the spirit world builds over time. The more the medium and the spirit world work together- the better the relationship becomes.

Mediums learn to raise their vibration and spirits learn to lower their vibration. Spirits and mediums communicate via energy by meeting each other’s vibration somewhere in the middle. Inspired writing, art, and music are just a few of the many other ways that the spirit world works through humans.

I hope this is helpful. For further information please check out other articles on my blog. If you’d like to ask me a question – use the Contact Us page on my website.

Thank you for reading my blog. Best wishes!  MaryLee


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Can You Be Your Own Psychic?

Can You Be Your Own Psychic?

Developing your psychic ability has terrific benefits that you can use in everyday life. One of the best perks is that you can give yourself a psychic reading. I love playing with tarot card especially different decks. I believe that you can read for yourself. There are some pitfalls that can make reading for yourself inaccurate.  Here are a few areas where information can get mixed up.

It’s hard to be impartial about your “stuff.” We all human and want what we want when we want it. Sometimes we turn a blind eye to seeing the truth. 

For your reading to be accurate you have to remain unemotional and detached. I’m not sure it’s possible to do that regarding your own readings. When you have no vested interest in the outcome of your query, you can get great information that’s useful. As a rule of thumb, only read on a topic once because true intuition fades if you persist on getting a different answer.

When I read for myself there are two psychic tools that give me accurate information, guided imagery meditations and tarot cards. When I use guided imagery meditations, I have intuitions that arise from deep within me. I often have profound epiphanies. When I use tarot cards, oracle cards, or regular playing cards, they ground the reading and break the tie if I’ve been doubting my inner voice.

As a rule of thumb, you have the optimum opportunity of being accurate as your own psychic when you are able to be playful about your topic. The best scenario is when you have no investment either way in the outcome and are devoid of any emotion. Good luck with that! 

You have to play with the various psychic tools to find out what works for you. What works for me may not work for you. We all get our intuitions in different ways and through various psychic senses. Over time and with practice, you’ll uncover the psychic tools that you can rely on to give you the most accurate information when you read for you. 

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Ten Ways To Know If You’re Psychic


Ten Ways To Know If You’re Psychic

How do you know if you’re psychic? This is actually a trick question and one that people ask me all the time. Would it surprise you to know that everyone is psychic? You are born with intuition and it’s yours to do with what you will.. If you choose to be open to your psychic ability you can develop it. How psychic you are depends on a number of factors, such as natural ability, hard work, reliability and trust. Here are ten ways to know if you’re psychic.

1)   You have dreams that come true.

2)   You have hunches about things that are uncanny and mostly right.

3)   A statement or word pops into your mind. It was not related to what you were thinking about at the time.

4)   Something tumbles out of your mouth that seems to have bypassed your brain. You were about to say something else.

5)   You get “gut” feelings about people or situations that are cautionary or embracing.

6)   You feel compelled to call someone. They were either thinking of contacting you or need you because they’re in crisis or some other important reason.

7)   You feel like someone is talking to you in your mind. You are not psychotic or sychizophrenic, and no one is there.

8)   You can read with a deck of tarot cards without having any psychic development training. You tell people precise, non-generic things that are pertinent only to them

9)   You get random flashes of insight about things that are about to happen. 

10)  You know what your pet is thinking. It’s as if you hear their thoughts, or they’re talking to you.

I hope that this blog post is helpful to you.  If you have further questions, please go to the Contact Us page. 

Warmly,  MaryLee


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Eight Reasons Why There Is Still A Stigma About Consulting A Psychic


Eight Reasons Why There Is Still A Stigma About Consulting A Psychic

Have you ever had such an exceptional psychic reading that you wanted to tell everyone about it? If so, you probably soon discovered that not everyone shares your enthusiasm about psychics. Your experience may have convinced you that psychics are real. Yet, there are lots of others who still think psychics are just good guessers and mind readers.

As an intuitive counselor with 25 years of service, I know how many people seek help from psychics. My colleagues and I have read for tens of thousands of clients and work hard at changing the image people have of psychics. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. We also teach high standards in classroom settings to up and coming psychics. Why hasn’t this changed our image? Why is there still such a stigma attached to working with a psychic?

Here are eight reasons or beliefs why people still feel there’s a stigma to consulting with psychics:

1. Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

2. There is no value in having a session with a psychic where you’ll be talking about things you don’t need to know. Everything you need to know you can figure out by yourself.

3. Psychics make foolish claims. There is no scientific proof that psychic abilities actually exist.

4. You want to consult a psychic but you care too much about what other people think. You don’t care enough about what you think.

5. Certain religions deem psychic practices to be blasphemous. You may still be holding onto random religious beliefs that you heard as a child but never examined.

6. You need to have absolute control over every aspect of your life. You’re a control freak so you can’t seek out a psychic because you have no control over what they say. .

7. We live in a science based culture. Intuitive abilities are nice to have but are not required like logic is.

8. Somewhere along the way in life someone told you not to consult a psychic and it stuck with you. You think all psychics are alike and read alike. You think it’s hoaky and you have no idea how sophisticated the psychic field is today.

Despite the stigma attached, many people flock to see psychics and report they’ve had results that are life changing. They may gain clarity around a decision they have to make or feel more empowered to take an ambitious action. They may be in deep grief and needed to hear from their loved one in spirit that they’re ok. 

Psychic Readings are just one of the many alternative therapies available today. East has met West. The old stereotype about psychics is way out of date. There are still frauds and gypsies who give the profession a bad name but these charlatans are in the minority. Today people seek out psychics for more than being entertained or hearing predictions about their future. They talk to psychics about some of the most important things going on in their life.

Frequently, it’s a referral from a friend who has had success with their session that gives a person courage to try it themselves. In fact, you need to have a session yourself before you form an opinion. 


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