One Psychic Medium’s Take On Europe’s First Underwater Museum

I recently read an article on Europe’s first underwater museum Museo Atlántico (Atlantic Museum), which opened to the public this past January in Lanzarote, Spain. British artist Jason deCaires Taylor’s sculpture work depicts 300 magical, eerie, and lifelike human-sized figures that can only be seen from the ocean’s floor. The artist created the installations to bring awareness to our planet’s oceans and the threats that face it. He has also been quoted as saying the idea was for the museum “to become a portal to another world.”

In my opinion, judging from the ghostly images I’ve seen online, he has indeed succeeded. He has created a realm far different than the physical world we experience every day on dry land, allowing divers to conceive of the type of destruction we can cause if we don’t care for our planet.

Our past experiences – and even our past lives – profoundly impact us.

This museum evokes in me the metaphor of visiting those deepest, darkest, hidden, and haunted parts of ourselves – both in our mind and in our soul – that we otherwise conceal to get by in our everyday lives. We all have past experiences – and maybe even past lives – that profoundly impact us even though they aren’t in plain sight or visible on the surface. 

Consider that all of us carry with us the pain, scars, and baggage of our childhoods, the circumstances, situations, or events that have befallen us, and the losses we have endured in the past. Some of us even believe the baggage from our ancient lives and ancestors get carried over within us. 

Until we heal those parts of ourselves we have hidden, we cannot move forward to the life the Universe intends for us.

It is my belief we’re put on this planet to evolve and that the same challenges will present themselves over and over until we acknowledge what we’re meant to learn from them. We cannot bury these experiences or feelings and pretend as though they don’t exist. It is only when we visit these haunted recesses of our mind, soul, and spirit, that we can learn what the Universe intends us to, and heal those parts of ourselves that need healing. And it is only when we are healed that we can move forward in the light.

As one of Boston’s Top Psychic Medium, I act as a bridge between two worlds – our physical world and the spirit world.

If you have wanted to connect with another world – be it the spirit world or the hidden world within yourself – I can help guide you. In this space, you are free to ask the questions you wish and receive the answers that your ancestors – or the Universe – would like to unlock for you. For over thirty years I’ve helped thousands of clients reach the serenity and peace they longed for.

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2016 Presidential Election Results: It’s Time of Appeal to Higher Angels


If there’s one thing we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief over, it is that the 2016 race for the President of the United States is over between the candidates.  It’s not over for our citizens as we witness more history being made with thousands upon thousands of peaceful protestors walking through the streets of at least 8 major US cities and walkouts en masse of university students.

A Boston Medium’s Thoughts on the Presidential Election Result Protests

These protests are in response to Donald Trump’s plans to obliterate entire groups of people in the US. To paraphrase David Gergen, “You can’t weave violence into the fabric of a party’s election rhetoric and then expect after the election is over, that the call to violence will automatically subside in the electorates’ psyches after a few conciliatory speeches.”

We Should Appeal to Our Higher Angels at This Time

We all need to appeal to our higher angels now to help heal the divide between us. As long as the protests are peaceful, we are experiencing the beauty of living in a democracy. Pray that we can effectively address the concerns of all our citizens.

“Dear angels, please intervene on behalf of our nation to soothe angry feelings, bring reconciliation, acceptance of our differences, and peace, so that all our citizens feel valued and heard. Amen.”

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3 Reasons You Could Meet a Witch This Halloween – And Not Even Know It


Halloween is almost here! And while you’d likely realize it if you bumped into a full-fledged werewolf or goblin on October 31st, you might not recognize when you’re standing next to a real life witch. Below are three reasons witches are harder to spot that you might think.

#1: Witches celebrate Halloween, but probably not in the way you imagine.

For many of us, Halloween is about the orange and black decorations, children and adults dressed up as zombies, mummies, superheroes, and the like, and lots and lots of candy.

For witches, however, this holiday has a far different meaning, with its own distinct rituals. Rituals that don’t involve the stereotypical hovering over a cauldron, and using hocus pocus to turn people into frogs.

Most Wiccans identify as witches, and are members of the pagan movement, which may have as many as one million followers in the US today. Halloween, or Samhain, is one of the most important dates in their calendar, and signifies the New Year. As such, many witches cast spells to welcome in health, prosperity, and love for the year to come.

Halloween is also a time to remember loved ones who have passed. Many witches will light candles to honor the dead, build an altar and offer food and wine to deceased ancestors, or lift windows to welcome in their spirits.

The “Feast of the Dead” typically involves a celebratory meal, with an extra setting at the table for the departed. Some witches will participate in a “dumb supper,” and wait in silence for the spirits to communicate. Because Samhain falls at a time when the veil between worlds is thinnest, it’s said to be easier to communicate with those who have passed to the other side.

#2: They probably won’t look like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Some witches don a black dress or robe for their rituals, but on a daily basis, many are not discernable based on their appearance alone. In fact, while Wicca continues to be one of the fastest-growing religions in the US, many of its practitioners are “in the broom closet.” After centuries of persecution in Europe and colonial America, some witches prefer to keep their practice private to protect their families, careers, and reputations.

#3: There’s no gender bias here: Men also call themselves witches.

That’s right. Male witches are not called warlocks, as you may have assumed. “Warlock” actually has a negative connotation, and is reserved for traitors to the coven. While three-quarters of American Wiccans are women, you would be incorrect to assume all witches are female. The religion is quite welcoming to the male gender, as pagans believe the universe is driven by forces that are equally male and female.

Given how fast Wicca is growing, it’s very likely you have already met a real witch, and just didn’t know it.

However, you don’t have to be a witch to communicate with those who are no longer with us. A psychic medium can act as a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world, and help to receive messages from the other side. If you’d like to book a psychic or mediumship reading with me, CLICK HERE ​​.



Halloween Is Upon Us: Are You Ready For What Goes Bump In The Night?

Halloween Is Upon Us:

Are You Ready For What Goes Bump In The Night?

As a psychic medium, I’m able to communicate with the souls of our departed loved ones, and deliver their messages to those who remain on earth. I bridge the gap between the spiritual world and the physical world, with the highest intention to do good.

While not everyone can tap into their intuitive abilities like psychic mediums can, I believe we all have the potential to connect with spirits beyond the physical realm. We simply need to open our hearts and minds up to access it. There are actually certain times of the year when this becomes easier to do, and one is just around the corner.

Halloween: When the veil between worlds is thinnest

The ancient pagan Celts believed in “thin places,” those spaces where the distance between heaven and earth gives way, and human beings are able to transcend and see into the beyond or infinite.

The thinnest places are often where there is a meeting of earth and spirit, such as where land and sea, or sky and mountains collide. There are also times of day that are thinner, such as at sunset or dawn, the bridges between day and night.

Halloween, which falls between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice, is just such a time. Between October 16th through November 6th each year, with the peak dates being October 26th through November 1st, the veil (or energetic and psychic barrier) between this world and the afterlife is at its thinnest. When that barrier thins, our intuition and psychic abilities increase, making communication with spirits easier.

Those who wish to celebrate, honor, and communicate with their lost loved ones during this time, may do many things to facilitate this contact, including:

·       Setting a place at the dinner table for the departed;

·       Lighting a candle in their name;

·       Displaying their photos;

·       Leaving out their personal belongings; and

·       Writing out questions the living have for them.

Once you’ve set your intention, be aware of the signs the spirits may present to you in return. They may work through your family, friends, co-workers, or strangers. So listen carefully to the messages you receive during this time. You may even notice objects appearing in strange places, find an item you thought was lost, or see an apparition.

Don’t be afraid of what goes bump in the night

Halloween is a time to honor those we have lost. Remember, spirits are the souls of those who have died in the physical world, and transitioned to the spirit world. They are loving and wish to communicate positive messages to family and friends. That’s not to say that on earth they had no flaws. They simply have become aware of them in spirit form, and taken responsibility for them. Set your intention to make contact with these spirits so that you can experience healing and comfort, or accept their guidance.

Consider participating in divination or getting a psychic medium reading

Halloween is a wonderful time of year to explore your innate ability to connect with the spiritual world, and to honor those in your life who have passed. You may also wish to participate in divination, like a card or tea leaf reading, or get a psychic medium reading.

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Space Clearing, The Wiccan Way

Space Clearing, The Wiccan Way

People of all religions have performed space clearings for centuries in order to rid negativity from dwellings. And just as those of us who wish to bless our homes turn to priests, psychic mediums, and feng shui practitioners, many also turn to witches.

Please note that some in the Wicca religion view space clearing as a sacred ceremony and therefore do not believe the details of the ceremony should be publicized. The techniques in this post are based on what I know and gleaned from researching Wicca space clearing rituals.

 Wiccan Beliefs About Space Clearing

Wicca is a religion that promotes being at one and living harmoniously with the divine and all that exists. Witches understand that the universe comprises that which we cannot see, as well as what we can. During house blessings, witches use their abilities to identify the negativity that’s not always visible to others, tune into divine energy, and direct positive energy toward people and physical spaces.

While the precise rituals, techniques, and materials used during a Wiccan space clearing really depend on the tradition and personal preference of each witch, below are some examples of what you might see during a Wiccan house blessing.

Before diving in, it bears noting another of Wicca’s tenets, which is that mankind is a part of nature, and not superior to it. Witches have a deep-rooted connection to their surroundings, and it’s not surprising that the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water come into play when bestowing house blessings.

Space Clearing Process

 Step 1: The Literal Cleanse

 As with space clearings in nearly all religions and practices, the first step is to physically cleanse the home and rid it of rubbish, dirt, and clutter.

Prior to the house blessing, many witches will move through each room to get a sense of what needs to be done in the home. Windows and doors should also be left open to allow negative energy to escape from the dwelling during the purification process.

Step 2: The Purification

During this process, a witch will methodically cleanse each area in the dwelling using one or more of the materials listed below, one at a time. While performing the cleansing, the witch invokes the corresponding element’s power, and chants words that direct the negative energy out of the space, and invite clean, positive energy in its stead.

How One Boston Psychic Works with Space Clearing

Commonly Used Materials

 Salt or Earth (The Element of Earth)

Kosher salt placed in a bowl and sprinkled throughout the home is commonly used in house blessings.

White salt has protective and purifying characteristics, while black salt is said to remove and absorb negative energy from a home.

 Some witches, as a first step to the cleansing, will set up a circle of protection with salt around the exterior of the home to keep negative energy away.

 In some cases, actual earth is used in place of salt.

 Smudge Sticks or Incense (The Element of Air)

 The smoke of herbs, most often sage, either in smudge stick or incense form, is wafted about to remove negative energy from each room.

 Candles (The Element of Fire)

Candles, particularly white candles, are carried into each room. To increase the potency of the candle’s cleansing properties, witches sometimes inscribe the candle with the intention sought, and then anoint it with oils of sage, copal, or cedar.

Holy Water (The Element of Water)

Holy water is sprinkled throughout the area to consecrate the space and invite in energies of harmony, health, and prosperity.

Additional Tools

Musical Instruments (Bells, Drums, Singing Bowls)

The sound of various instruments may be used to break up the negative energy that remains in a space.


Iron is believed to keep evil spirits at bay. Many witches will brandish swords across spaces during the purification process.


A broom, or besom, is an object with a wooden handle that is used to figuratively sweep or remove the negative energy from all areas during a house blessing.

 Protective Charms

After the purification is complete, some Wiccans will hang iron, quartz crystal, or other charms at various locations throughout the home, including entryways and windows. This protects the space and promotes future positivity.

The reasons people seek house blessings, or space clearings, are pretty much the same across all religions and practices. People want to rid their homes of the negative emotional energy that lingers either long after preceding inhabitants have gone, or after experiencing arguments, traumatic events, lack of motivation, and other negative emotions within their own home.

It’s also said that energy grows stagnant with time, so it might be wise to incorporate a space clearing at regular intervals to encourage the fresh flow of positive energy and creativity.

Whether it be a psychic medium, priest, or witch, having someone who is able to “see” the negativity and assist you in clearing it, can help you to balance the energy in your physical field and promote a happier and healthier mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.

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