Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is an alternative therapy that helps manage anxiety and a wide variety of other physical and emotional issues. EFT, or “tapping” refers to using your fingertip to “tap” on nine specific acupuncture points in a certain sequence. It works like acupuncture, only without needles, to provide relief from the everyday stressors that can clog our energy field with toxic energy.

As a Boston Pyschic, I’ve volunteered with The There And Back Again Foundation conducting one-on-one sessions and training groups for women veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq on how to manage their anxiety and stress using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

At Boston Intuitive, I conduct EFT sessions for both individuals and groups. After one session, people report feeling calmer, clearer and more energized. One you’ve had a session, not only will you receive instant relief, you’ll now be able to start tapping on your own, providing yourself another coping strategy for stress, anxiety and other ailments for a lifetime. One of the greatest benefits of EFT is that once you learn the technique, it is free to use forever. 

Check out eftuniverse.com for over 5000 articles and peer-reviewed case studies on the effectiveness of using Emotional Freedom Technique in a wide variety of mental, emotional and physical settings.

EFT Workshops:

Using EFT to Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Using EFT to Manage Your Emotional Eating, Using EFT to Unblock Your Intuition & Creativity

Cost: $175 for 45 min session *Includes information handout on EFT for your session 

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