Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule *all appointments must be paid for at time of booking, unless you are coming in person to your session.

Psychic Intuitive Personal Counseling: $215/hr $130/30min *includes an mp3 recording of your session.*online booking available

Psychic Intuitive Business Consulting: $215/hr $130/30min *includes an mp3 recording of your session. *online booking available

Psychic Intuitive Coaching  (Please call to book these appointments)

  • Three 45 minute sessions- $585
  • Five 45 minute sessions – $975
  • Eight 45 minute sessions – $1560

Psychic Mediumship Sessions: $215/hr $130/30min *includes an mp3 recording of your session. *online booking available

Psychic Mediumship Group Readings, Corporate Parties and Trade Shows.  For home or business private parties, or large corporate events or trade shows, please call for rates and travel fees. Rates based on the guaranteed number of readings, the size of the event and the distance from Boston. *please call to book an appointment

Spirit Message Circles: $35 per person for 90 min, groups must be 3-6 people. No refunds available. *please call to book an appointment

Space Clearing: Rates vary depending on size of space. A simple clearing for up to 800 square feet is $400. For larger homes, schools or businesses, please call for rates or to book an appointment.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Workshops: Using EFT to Reduce Stress & Anxiety  Using EFT to Manage Your Emotional Eating  Using EFT to Unblock Your Intuition & Creativity $175/30min *Includes information handout on EFT for your session

The Spirits of Charlestown Haunted Historical Ghost Tour: Adults $20 Children $10, Military families free with ID. *please call for more information Available to purchase seasonally.