Fifteen Minutes Weekend Magazine: The Vanity Issue

Volume 15, Issue 14, December 6, 2001
The Past – The Present – The Future
The Future : Segment ExcerptNobel

“We left this part for last because we knew that you would read it. Heh. We’re not psychic or anything but MaryLee Trettenero is, and she’s amazing. She claims her past clients have included Goldman Sachs, Wellbridge Health Club, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and now, a similarly reputable company, FM.

“According to her card, her focus is on “personal intuitive consultations and innovative business solutions.” Weliked the sound of that, so we got her to come on down to The Crimson so we could abuse her for an excessive number of free readings.

“After learning that we will one day be a war correspondent, a coffee table book author, a TV producer, a publisher, an Olympics official, an urban planner, a money mogul and a humanitarian — a surreal version of the breakfast club — we decided to find out what Mary had to say about our beloved mag. Here’s to another 25 years and here’s the deal:

“I see a marriage of papers, a blending of two into one. I see duking it out with a rival. You’re going to thrash them. You’ll go through a change of look, like typeface. I just saw the administration. [She gasped.] There are budget constraints. It feels like you’re running up against the administration— not legal problems though [Ed. Note: Thank God.]

“A women’s issue is coming up. It feels like you’re going to set the Harvard community on its head… It needs to be exposed. It will be so well written, it will be hard to respond to. It would cause the University to make improvements. There’s a male impropriety coming to the surface… There are repercussions. There will be a person who leaves the newspaper over the issue… Is there a thing here about sputtering under the level of autonomy?

“I think there are more freedom of speech things coming up… Never go into anything where you can be blindsided. Corruptible editors must be gotten rid of. But there is no fumbling of the ball that can’t be picked up.”