Psychic Medium Readings

A psychic medium reading involves communicating with the spirits of the people you knew in life who have crossed over to the Other Side. As a Boston Psychic medium, I open myself up to the spirit world in order to communicate with your lost loved ones.

Initially, I am like a blank screen. When the session begins, I will immediately start receiving images from the spirits who choose to enter my space. Usually, they will show me something they were known for, whether it be playing a musical instrument or cards, or making repairs or cooking.

One of my primary goals in doing mediumship, also known as “spirit communication,” is to prove the continuity of life, that our soul survives our bodily deaths. I feel that through these wispy, often times translucent images, my clients receive validation through personal fact after personal fact that I ascertain from the spirits.

As one of Boston’s best psychics and an evidential medium, I’ve been trained to describe what I see, not to interpret it. This means I can give you specific details from your loved one about themselves. These details may describe their personality, the type of person they were on earth, your relationship with them, and the unique experiences you may have had together. If a spirit was good humored in life, they will come through as quite a jokester. If they were quiet in life, they will be quiet when they come through.

Other possible details are a physical description of the spirit or the illness that took their life. They may talk about their old habits and interests, or their personal shortcomings and eccentricities. They may describe an event you attended that they witnessed from beyond, a recent personal accomplishment. They may validate the challenges that you’re now facing or how express how proud they are of you. Some may even apologize. Mostly, the spirits of your loved ones want you to know that they are alive and well on the Other Side.

They want you to know they love you and are still around you, and they see what’s going on in your life today. In your session, you can expect to hear from multiple spirits. My intention is to bring through the spirits you most want to hear from, though I cannot guarantee which spirits will show up. The spirit of someone who lived on your street or who took you to the prom may want to talk to you.

Though I am certain that the spirits that show up for the session are the spirits that are meant to be there. It can be helpful to let the friends or relatives you’d like to communicate with during a psychic mediumship session know that you want them to show up. This can be done simply by sending your good intentions out to the spirits. You can speak to them beforehand over several days or write them a letter letting them know of your upcoming session.

For more information on my sessions, please read through the page “How To Get A Good Reading with MaryLee” or contact me if you have further questions. *Please note, because of the different energies involved in Mediumship Readings and Intuitive Readings, these sessions must be booked separately. The only exception is if a spirit wants to come through towards the end of your intuitive reading, I will allow it. When you make your appointment, please designate which type of reading you want.

Before your first appointment, I suggest that you check out this post: How To Have a Successful Reading With MaryLee

Cost: $215/hr $130/30min *includes an mp3 recording of your session.

Online booking available. To book your appointment now, click here.