The Spirits of Charlestown Historic Ghost Tours and Lectures

In 2006, after living in Charlestown, MA for 19 years, and hearing many rumors of ghosts and unexplained activity from residents, MaryLee began conducting paranormal investigations at historical sites and old buildings in her community. The first
historical site she investigated turned out to be not only haunted and filled with ghosts, but also one of the finest colonial era archaeological sites in the United States.

You’ll be surprised when you attend one of MaryLee’s events. Everything you hear, she received through spirit communication or by sensing the residual energy (imprints from the long ago past) at a historical site. You won’t hear about ghost rumors or
urban legends, which is what you get on most ghost tours. It’s why these tours and lectures are so unique. MaryLee goes to each site without knowing its history. She waits for impressions and for spirits to begin to share details about their lives.
After finishing her historical site investigations, MaryLee carefully researches her experiences and the spirits who contacted her by using historical documents, maps and newspaper clippings of that era.

MaryLee has lectured on historical hauntings and ghosts from the revolutionary war at the Charlestown Public Library, the Charlestown Historical Society, and the Charlestown Preservation Society. Her book, “We’re Still Here: The Secret World of Bunker
Hill’s Historical Spirits is based on investigations she conducted between 2006 – 2015.  

The Spirits of Charlestown Historic Ghost Tour is a lively 90-minute walking tour through the gas-lighted streets of Charlestown. You’ll hear what brave souls have to say about what their lives were like during the revolutionary war.

MaryLee gives public tours in October and historical ghost tours for groups and local schools throughout the year. To arrange a lecture or private Spirits of Charlestown Historical Ghost Tour call: 617-242-4682 or email MaryLee at

 What Our Haunted Historical Tours and Lecture Attendees Say!

We enjoyed your presentation at the Charlestown Historical Society last night.  Great job.   M.A.

I have to tell you that your presentation tonight was fantastic. I loved the opening slide show. It was so professionally done. The music/song was perfect. MaryLee – you were terrific.

MaryLee…thank you for your presentation. It was perfect for the crowd that was present. You left them wanting more, so maybe next year we can give them more. I think knowing that there are some famous spirits roaming our town was a pleasant notion for many there.  Great job and thanks!   T.C.

Thank you for a wonderful program!    Attendee

 We learned so much about the history of Charlestown on your tour. We love that you talk to ghosts and they talk back!   J.C.

 MaryLee gave us a lively and entertaining tour of some interesting Charlestown Haunts.  She was professional and engaging throughout, and she answered every one of our many (many) questions. We learned a lot about the history of Charlestown as well as the mechanics of ghost hunting and her beliefs about the spiritual realm. We especially enjoyed hearing about MaryLee’s paranormal adventures at local places
and her tales of the Charlestown that used to be.  I would not hesitate to recommend MaryLee’s Spirits of Charlestown Tours.  Seaport Academy

 Your talk was wonderful and I think well received.  Thank you for yesterday’s event!  You made the topic accessible for all of the attendees.  I noted the response from the people that attended. I think they walked away with an appreciation of what you do as well as another dimension to historic sites.   C.C.

 Overall, it was super, especially, since the weather was cooperative.   M.C.

 Loved the tour. Loved closing my eyes and trying to imagine the people and lives.   Thank you.  Leslie

 What a great tour! The personal experience element could not be beat. You are warm and courteous to boot!     E.M.