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Welcome, thank you for your interest in my psychic reading services and in my innovative company, Boston Intuitive, where I work with both individuals and groups to to understand and use intuition as a valuable tool to navigate life’s challenges.

As an experienced psychic intuitive, I connect with my clients on a spiritual level to help them delve into their subconscious, where our intuition resides. Together, we become conscious partners where particular goals and desires are clarified.

It’s my belief that every person has innate intuition, though most are unaware of it. Intuition is a form of knowing that defies logic. It is having a certain feeling, image or perspective that comes to you, but you can’t explain why or how it happened. By developing intuition, I allow my clients to make the best possible choice among all their various options.

There can be many obstacles that block a person’s intuitive energy. Fear based worries or stressor can shut down intuition all together and leave the mind feeling uneasy or unbalanced. My psychic sessions are teachable moments, where I guide my clients to mindfulness which broadens their understanding on the importance of serenity.

I’ve been providing psychic intuitive sessions for almost 30 years. I’ve perfected my techniques which helps break down the barriers that prevent one from overcoming issues or making difficult decisions. I often describe my psychic counseling as acting like a tuning fork, where my highly developed psychic intuition aligns with my client’s developing intuition to provide insight about the underlying forces and unconscious factors of a particular problem.

As a Boston Psychic I work with the highest intention of good. I want my clients to feel validated and I work with them to provide clarity and profound insights into the day-to-day challenges that block them from obtaining their desired results.

I also make it a point to never make decisions for my clients. With my psychic intuition, I provide a different perspective while expanding my clients options and creating new possibilities, but clients are always in charge of their own decisions.

Being a Boston psychic allows me to accurately describe the underlying dynamics of any situation and help create positive changes in my clients; to their attitude and to their confidence so that can make the best choices for themselves.

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Cost: $215/hr $130/30min *includes an mp3 recording of your session.

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