Spirits of Charlestown Haunted Historical Ghost Tours

Listen as an untold history of Charlestown is disclosed through the eyes of its famous and not so famous ghosts. Hear about ancient energies embedded in the soil that reveal little known facts and forgotten history. If you can suspend your disbelief, for the brief period of time you are on this Haunted Historic Ghost Tour, you will hear what the Spirits of Charlestown have to say about what life was like here during different eras, especially, throughout the American Revolution. You may never look at the historical sites in Charlestown in the same way again as you listen to ghostly tales about Indians, tavern life, slavery, hardship, mariners, scandal, privilege, politics, and, of course, the birth of freedom in the United States. And, then decide for yourself about history according to those in the after life.   

Spirits of Charlestown Video      

Interview on Charlestown & Beyond on BNN Cable Network 10/15/2015

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 Adult tickets are $20. Children’s tickets are $10. Save $5 per ticket by buying them on our website. Military families are welcome at no charge. We leave from the fountain area at City Square Park. Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. Copies of We’re Still Here: The Secret World of Bunker Hill’s Historical Spirits will be available for sale on the evening of the tour.



Our 90 minute tour leaves from City Square Park outside the Chelsea Street entrance (near the fountain) directly across the street from the Charlestown Bridge. Here are a few suggestions… You will be walking up and down several mildly sloping hills. Wear comfortable shoes. There may be cracks or iron grating along some of the sidewalks we use. Please watch your step. You are required to sign a liability waiver in order to take the tour. Feel free to take as many pictures as you want. At night, you should be able to capture ORBs. The tour ends at the Historic Warren Tavern where we’ll talk about our extensive paranormal investigations, the Tavern’s Boston Tea Party connections and the Masonic Lodge led by Paul Revere. After the tour go inside The Warren Tavern for a cold Sam Adams or delicious Warren Burger and soak in the atmosphere of a 1780 tavern. You’ll receive a 10% discount on all non-alcoholic items on the menu.