Tales from the Dark Side

Excerpt from Boston Magazine’s “Tales from the Dark Side”
by Andrew Rimas – Published February 2004

“Next was an unreformed psychic, MaryLee Trettenero. She received me in the kitchen of her Charlestown flat, within a feasible spitting distance of the Naval Yard. Originally a hotel executive, Trettenero often performs for corporate functions, giving five-minute readings at Christmas parties. One of her most outstanding successes was predicting the exact name of the man her client would later meet and wed. A new specialty is playing the market. In the company of two partners, one of them a Harvard Business School graduate, she’s taken to picking stocks. The portfolio indexes she showed me are blessedly capitalist. “We have been able to double the market returns with our picks doing it completely intuitively.”

“Eschewing traditional methods of stock analysis, Trettenero puts the names of potential buys into blank envelopes, then holds them in her hand until she receives an intuitive signal. “I hear something, or I’ll get a sensory experience.” She gave me the index for a portfolio that she had opened six months previously. “This one is up 46 percent.”

“But Wall Street is a brave new conquest. Trettenero’s meat and potatoes is intuitive tarot card readings, usually the standard combo of love with a biggie-sized career. “The majority of my clients are women,” she said. “Let’s say 70 –30. But my client base is anyone who believes in intuition as a guiding principle.”