Vision Quest

Vision Quest
by Carmen Nobel

Among journalists, there’s a common practice called the three-source rule: Before publishing a juicy piece of news, a reporter should find three sources to confirm it. Recently I decided to apply the rule to area psychics (visiting five for good measure) to see whether any of their insights matched up.

Informing each one that I was a reporter, I launched my otherworldly journey with a careful but open mind, and a fair warning from a veteran practitioner: “Watch out for [psychics who] . . . try to scare people with the idea that they have negative entities attached to them so they’ll come back for subsequent treatments,” said Kurt Leland, a popular psychic and author in Boston.

A camel connection
I began with a visit to MaryLee Trettenero, a former hotel manager who has worked as a psychic intuitive for the past 15 years. Trettenero gives readings out of her living room in Charlestown but serves most of her clients over the phone.

“We’re working with energy,” she said. “Distance is kind of a manmade or artificial thing.”

Most clients want love-life consultations, she said, but she also deals in matters of the wallet. For four years she has been working with a money market manager who consults her for tips. (She rates potential stocks according to images of flowers that their names invoke. “If the flower is crispy or droopy, the stock’s not going to do well,” she said.)

Trettenero works with a tarot deck, a set of cards featuring allegorical images, as well as with words and images that pop into her head during a reading.

The half-hour reading included some platitudes – “There are changes on the horizon for you,” “Don’t be led down a garden path” – but also some spot-on insights. She asked whether I had been thinking about moving away from Boston; I had, in fact. She said the spirits suggested that I wait.

She went on to say that I’d be spending a lot of professional time in New York, which seemed likely to me, based on past writing assignments.

As for her visions: “I see you riding a camel through the desert,” she said, twice. “I’m not supposed to interpret images, but maybe you’re going through a dry period?”

I hadn’t told her that I’m planning a trip to Israel.